Blueberry Streusel Pie

We are 37 days away from Christmas and I’m giving you a blueberry pie. I know, I should have made something like a cranberry or a pumpkin pie tart (wait, I already did that—ha! shameless plug for a few old posts). But seriously, I had to make this. I love berry pies of any sort and I had a plethora of blueberries just on the edge of turning, so there you have my true reason for making this.


As it turned out—perfect since I’m still working on my pie making skills. Along with that, I wanted to try this double-crusted blueberry pie with a streusel topping.


I’m happy to report the streusel was a good call, especially since that gave the crust an added oomph. Something that helped Matt tell me I should do with every pie—um, no. But I’m glad he liked it enough to actually eat the filling with it.


Because you know how my family eats pie? They eat the crust with a smear of filling. It’s seriously ugly. And to top that off, we usually eat out of the pan. It’s not normal, but it’s tradition. What’s not normal and will never be tradition is when they leave me with most of the filling.

To solve that problem, I’ve been making mini pies lately, this seems to appease everyone’s crust love, but I kinda miss our “family-style” pie eating way.


For the recipe hit the jump to Better Homes and Garden here.


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  1. Avatar for Naomi RobinsonThisBakerGirlBlogs says

    This looks delicious! I do enjoy a good filling but I have to be honest and say the crust is always my favourite part …

  2. Avatar for Naomi Robinson says

    Christmas doesn’t officially start until December 1st so blueberries are very much a legitimate (and very yummy choice) :)
    They look divine and such beautiful photos too!

  3. Avatar for Naomi Robinson says

    Streusel makes everything better! I have to admit, I agree with your family. The best part of pie is the crust. Double crust pie with streusel on top! You have elevated pie eating to a whole new level! I love that you guys just dig into the pie plate.

  4. Avatar for Naomi Robinson says

    Everything is better with a crumb topping! Your picture are beautiful, as always! Oh, BTW, I would choose this blueberry pie over a cranberry dessert any day!

  5. Avatar for Naomi Robinson says

    That sounds like how it goes in my family! The streusel gets picked off the top first, then the crust gets broken around the edges, and finally all that’s left is all the filling with a little bit of bottom crust. So frustrating! This pie looks delicious though and who knows maybe there’ll actually be enough crust to go around!

  6. Avatar for Naomi RobinsonBeth says

    What’s not to love here? I love fruit pies, love streusel, love mini-desserts. I have to try this recipe. My only regret is not having a family that leaves me with all the filling!

  7. Avatar for Naomi RobinsonStephane in Alaska says

    Aw . . . It looks like you’re managing the pressure beautifully! LOVE mini pies. : )

  8. Avatar for Naomi RobinsonLillian @ Sugar and Cinnamon says

    I love blueberry pie! These are so cute and the perfect serving size. And extra crust! Always a good thing :)

  9. Avatar for Naomi Robinson says

    Yum!! These look delicious!! Dangerous too.
    I have a ton of frozen blueberries, I’m going to make these for my dinner party tomorrow night. Thanks!

  10. Avatar for Naomi Robinson says

    Oh my goodness these are my idea of the perfect dessert!! I love anything mini and anything with streusel — I’ve been meaning to bake blueberry crumbles ever since the summer and you’ve reminded me why. Your little pies are gorgeous, and your photography is stunning. Thanks so much for posting!