Vanilla Rainbow Buttercream Frosting

Vanilla Rainbow Buttercream Frosting – A sure bet at any kids’ party. Okay, well any buttercream is really.  Add the rainbow effect and they will think you can work magic, at least my three-year-old son did.

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Vanilla Rainbow Buttercream Frosting

Sorry the photo tutorial will be coming soon. Under the gun, I ran out of time and wasn’t able to take pictures while I was making this. I even almost forgot to take the above picture. And yikes, it shows. I left all all the proper photo taking equipment at home, as evident by the blown out highlights. But you get the idea from the picture.

 Here’s a quick written how-to or click here for a pictorial step-by-step on how to acheive this frosting effect:
1. Make your favorite vanilla buttercream.
2. Choose your colors and dye them accordingly.
3. Grab your pastry bag and start spooning the colors one on top of another.
4. Pipe unto a plate first to start the rainbow effect. Should only be about a 2 inch stream before the frosting pipes with the rainbow affect.

A few notes:
1. If your pastry bag empties, start a new one otherwise the colors start to mix into one homogenous pool and your nice rainbow effect will turn into one color. I learned this the hard way, especially when the purple and orange started to mix, resulting in a not so attractive brown (see bottom right cupcake in picture).
2. Use a color wheel (check the internet if you don’t have one) for complimentary coloring.
3. Best to use a large tip like #832 for this effect.
4. Buttercream does not do well in direct sun, even on a cool day. Found out the hard way with this one as well. Look at the tops of the frosting, see how they are kind of sadly drooping or maybe I didn’t mix my frosting right- you be the judge.

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  1. Avatar for Naomi RobinsonNaomi says

    Oh thanks! I used Ateco’s color gel blue, yellow, teal and orange. That’s how I stacked them as well.

  2. Avatar for Naomi RobinsonAmy says

    Your photos are great — even without your proper equipment. Love your use of colors.
    Also, your website idea is a fun niche. I’m glad someone is out there baking what is on the web.
    Have fun — will keep following you.