Rainbow Cupcake Cones for Easter

Rainbow Cupcake Cones for Easter -Deliciously cool and stylish. Perfect for your Easter gathering or picnic.

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This is going to be a super short post, being that I just did a rainbow buttercream post. I’m doing it once more, as I had promised a photo tutorial and I’m finally delivering on it. Sorry for the delay. And I figured while I’m at it, I might as well accessorize it.

A few notes:

1. Make your preferred cupcake as usual. If you do not want any cupcake to show above the rim of the ice cream cone, fill liner to just under ¾ full.
2. Place a few skittles or M&Ms at the bottom of the cone to off-set the top heavy portion of the cone.
3. Transfer completely cooled cupcake to ice cream cone.
4. Buttercream frosting works the best for the rainbow effect.
5. Mix your preferred colors in separate bowls.
6. Scoop mixed colors one on top of another.
7. Youwill need to pipe two inches of frosting onto a plate or some surface first to get the rainbow effect started. Once the frosting starts to rainbow, pipe as usual.

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Step-by-Step Ice Cream Easter Cone