Lemon Curd

Summer is in full swing around here, so if there are shortcuts to be had or early prep that can be done—I’m there. With that, lemon curd is one of those components you can make ahead of time and store in your refrigerator for all kinds of recipes you can throw together last minute.

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If you have never made lemon curd, check out this recipe from Craftsy here. It’s easy to make and easy to follow. For those of you new to Craftsy, it’s an online community with top-notch instructors teaching you how to be—well, crafty—be it sewing, knitting, crafting, baking and more 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign – up and create an account. They have free courses as well as paid courses. The nice thing about having an account—you can keep track of your classes, but better yet, you can take notes during the online class an they’ll be saved.
  2. Watch the video at your leisure and comfort. Stop and start as you need, take notes, ask questions, save your favorite portions.
  3. You become part of community that helps one another through an open forum with Q&A to include the instructor.

So how is this better than an in-person class?

  1. It’s way cheaper, about half the price.
  2. Stuck on a certain step—no worries—you have the ability to watch what you over and over again.
  3. At Craftsy’s there’s a community of people with all varying skill levels to answer questions and share tips for success.
  4. My favorite part is being able to watch when needed. Yes, I’m a hands-on person, but in-person classes don’t allow for rewind and repeat as necessary. With these on-line classes you move at your pace.

To get started on this Lemon Curd recipe from Craftsy, click here. Once you make it, here are a few things you can pair it with:

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Mini Berry Tarts

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Vanilla Panna Cotta

Panna Cotta via Bakers Royale


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