Chocolate and Beer Filled Donuts

Chocolate and Beer Filled Donuts ~ Forget jelly filled donuts this Valentine’s, show off your baking bravado by making these homemade donuts stuffed with Chocolate Beer Truffles.

Chocolate Beer Truffle Filled Donuts

Chocolate Beer Truffle Filled Donuts

I know I’m not only on a chocolate and beer kick, but a donut one as well. And these donuts are so worth making! Hit the jump on over to Endless Simmer for my recipe write up, and . . . . pssst, there’s even a shortcut for this recipe!

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  1. Avatar for Naomi Robinson says

    OMG YES! It’s almost silly that I don’t even drink or like beer but I perk up at any recipe that features it. For example, honey beer bread is one of my favorite quickbreads. These doughnuts look fantastic!