Almond Butter Buckeye Bars

In all honesty, I’ve never even heard of a buckeye until I started blogging, I’m not sure if it’s because it’s more of a midwest thing, back east. southern or just a plain non-southern California thing. But even if these weren’t regional, I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t have found their way into my very traditional Asian upbringing.

Almond Butter Buckeye Bars-Bakers Royale

As a result of that, and lucky for me, I’m still trying to fill in the gaps with a lot of desserts that are new to me. Yay to a valid excuse for complete gluttony.

Hit the jump here to Better Homes and Garden’s blog Delish Dish for the recipe to these Almond Butter Buckeye Bars.

As always, if I can please ask you guys–if you are going to pin any of the images please do so from Delish Dish and not here, since the recipes reside over there. Thanks!


Almond Butter Buckeyes - Bakers Royale


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  1. Avatar for Naomi Robinsonjulia [life on churchill] says

    Ohh I am going to try this recipe! My son is allergic to peanut butter, I love that this calls for almond butter.

  2. Avatar for Naomi RobinsonLauren says

    I can’t ever see your recipes on the other website. Any chance you can put a link on here as well? It’s such a bummer as Id really like to make them. :(

  3. Avatar for Naomi Robinson says

    Hi Naomi! Just wanted to compliment you because not only your recipes, but also your photos are getting better and better! They are wonderful! You really are an artist, i love your colours. have a good week!