Holiday Sharing

There is no baking or cooking in this post. In fact I don’t even have a picture of the holiday spread.

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See the picture above, that’s my little guy, Cole. If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen him before, but this is his debut shot on the blog. And don’t worry if you come here for the baking and recipes, I will be back tomorrow with a Christmas cookie post.

This post is about why I love the holidays and a product review about how I capture and share the holiday moments.

So for someone who loves to bake and cook for the holidays as much as I do, the food is secondary. My favorite thing about any holiday is the gathering of family and friends. It’s a time when I know regardless of the stresses in everyone’s life we are all able to put aside the worries of what hasn’t been done and what needs to done. It’s like being a kid again but with an adult perspective. You love, you laugh and the food is a toast to life.

For those that know me, you know I hate to have my picture taken, but I love taking pictures of others. And to share it with everyone afterwards, I use Kodak Gallery.

Let me be upfront here, yes, Kodak Gallery asked me to review their service—although it was a no brainer for me, since I already use Kodak Gallery to share photos.

Why Kodak Gallery over the other multitude of online photo sharing communities? I especially like it because of all the online photo sharing communities, it’s the easiest to use. The navigational ribbon at top makes it easy to follow and find your way around. The drag and drop functionality  is great for creating photo albums and the SmartFit technology makes it even easier to create photo books. For newcomers this is especially important when they come to view pictures and when it comes to ordering and buying prints or merchandise from shared galleries. As an added bonus, Kodak Gallery offers more in-store pick up location than most other online photo sharing galleries.

Kodak Gallery Easy Album Creation

Kodak Gallery Easy Album Creation

And like every year, I will be creating my 2011 calendar from pictures throughout 2010 and a family photo book that chronicles the previous years events for my annual family keepsake. You can take a little peek at my favorite subject to photograph and see for yourself how easy it is to share and view photos with Kodak Gallery.

*This is a sponsored post by Kodak Gallery.

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