Help! Book Cover Polling

Book Cover Options

You guys, I'm so excited because, look below .  .  . those are the two options for my book cover. Yes, it's finally here, the book is so close to being done. I just need to finalize the cover. Which one do you love: left or right? Which one makes you want to turn the pages? ...

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Brisket and Brie Melt

Brisket and Brie Melt | Bakers Royale

April is a big month around here, it’s National Grilled Cheese Month and it’s also the start of the basketball playoffs. Couple that with a house full of sport-watching boys, food blogging parents and you’ll understand why I’ll be cranking out game day food for the next 30 ...

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Citrus Shrimp

Citrus Shrimp | Bakers Royale

Spring is hollering and I answered it with this citrus-filled shrimp recipe. The best part is it comes together quickly and easily-no special ingredients or equipment required. It's the kind of dish you can throw together for almost any occasion. You gotta love it when ...

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Mini Sprinkles Cake

Mini Sprinkle Cake via Bakers Royale

That's right - you read the title correctly - Mini Sprinkles Cake. That's cake for one, or go ahead and share if you must. I, thankfully, only had to share with one, and his little hands still don't quite have the dexterity to navigate a fork, so I lapped him by three ...

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Food + Travel: South Caribbean

Bonsai 1

It’s been the wettest winter in—I don’t know how many years, but here’s to hoping at the end of the season, Southern California can lift its drought status and my 9-year-old won’t give me the stink eye when I forget to turn off the water while brushing our teeth. Given this ...

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