1. Averie @ Averie Cooks says

    Naomi, this is absolutely a work of art! WOW! It looks so beautiful..the layers are perfect!!

  2. Bobbi says

    Looks delicious! And no worries–that second pic is not hideous! Maybe just slightly dark, but the cake still looks fantastic!

  3. Regan Martin says

    The second pic looks as good as the first, cuz I’m thinking about the yummy layers, and now can see the topping better! Yum! This looks amazing! I’m gonna try it! Thanks!

  4. Kankana says

    I am not a sweet tooth person at all but that cake and the way you presented it is making me crave for a slice right now!
    The fist pic is absolutely gorgeous 🙂

  5. Becca says

    I’m not sure why you think the second picture is hideous, maybe a little too dark to show the show the drizzle?

    Who cares this looks like an amazing cake!

  6. Sallyanne says

    I love your recipes! They are amazing and your photography really really does do them justice! Thank you so much!

  7. Lori @ Lemons and Lavender says

    Naomi, we are always our harshest critics. It’s gorgeous and probably over-the-top delicious!

  8. Cookin' Canuck says

    I am trying to stop myself from running to the store at 6:15am on a Saturday morning to buy the ingredients for this cake. It looks that good. And your photos capture it perfectly!

  9. Janet says

    This looks fabulous! I’m checking now to see if I have everything on hand for it. I have one question though. Do you have weight equivalents for the chocolate in the pudding and ganache? Thanks!

  10. Rosie @ Sweetapolita says

    Naomi, you know I always love your posts, and you’ve never disappointed, but, wow, this is amazing! I love the textures and I can only imagine how incredible this tastes. The images are stunning, as well. Love this! xo

  11. MikeVFMK says

    I’m a huge snickers cake fan. And yours is beautiful and there’s no doubt it probably tastes like a trip to the moon and back.

  12. Barbara | Creative Culinary says

    First, I think your second picture is just fine…I know it makes me want to dive right in; don’t be so hard on yourself.

    Second; I know those feelings of trying to fit it all in and I’ve let the ‘pressure’ of the blog get to me when I’ve missed a post or two and, oh my gosh…it didn’t implode! You do a beautiful job; I’m just happy to see something when you do get it done; no pressure.

  13. Jenn says

    I’m not usually a “candy in dessert” fan, but this cake is just stunning. And while you may not be so thrilled with that 2nd photo, it was the 2nd pic that drew me in the most. This cake is absolutely gorgeous and sounds divine! I hope I have an occasion to make it sometime!

  14. Brian @ A Thought For Food says

    You are just incredible… Seriously, this looks to-die-for! Amazing, Naomi!

  15. Mathilde says

    I love your pictures, the green/blue background enhance the main subject of the photo – it looks like a very very greedy treat

  16. Sasha @ The Procrastobaker says

    I havnt a clue how you could call that second picture hideous!!!! You obviously have exceptionally high standards, but for anyone else that picture would be a beaut 🙂 GORGEOUS recipe! Love the idea and would be a winner in this house for sure!

  17. Sukaina says

    Wow Naomi- how do you come up with such brilliant ideas?!!! This looks amazing! And I love that second picture- don’t know why you don’t like it!!

  18. Jesica @ Pencil Kitchen says

    I do not dare to think this is easy. second, if they’re not even layers, i dont know what is. Third, that second picture is overly-fantastic! and you’re just amazing!

  19. Kelly says

    Bad pictures, craziness, I think they are fabulous. And its the last picture that is my favorite. I will be making this sometime in the future and that is saying something because ice box cakes are not my thing.

  20. Naomi says

    I tried to make this using the refrigerated version but it didn’t set hard enough to get out of the pan the right way up in one piece (the caramel was really runny, the rest just a bit sloppy). I possibly didn’t cook the pudding for long enough?
    Anyway, it’s in the freezer now and looking like it should 🙂 Thanks for the recipe!

  21. Naomi says

    Hi Naomi,

    Yes, you may not have cooked it long enough. You want to cook until the coating on the back of the spoon is thick enough to hold a line when drawn through.


  22. Paula says


    I have to try this!! I love Snickers, but, I have no words to describe this, nor will have when I have eaten it, I think.
    Thanks for sharing this great recipe!!

  23. kyle suzanne says

    Thanks so much for this super tasty looking cake. I can’t wait to make it.

    BTW The recipe says crackers which at first glance I took to mean saltines. Once I took a closer look I realized it was graham crackers, you may want to edit that.

  24. Rebekah L. says

    I’m going to just go ahead and admit that I’m an idiot, and ask what you mean by cooking over water. In a bowl but not touching the water in the pan? Or in a bowl sitting in water? Should it be boiling or just on low?
    Okay, now that I feel really stupid I’ll sit back and hope for an answer.

  25. Jerri says

    Wow! This looks incredible. I found you on Pinterest and I’m featuring your as my Pinterest pick at my Friday Favorites party this week!

  26. Elaine says

    I must be a rank amateur photographer. It looks like a great photo to me. And a great cake. I can’t wait for the opportunity to try making it!

  27. laurasmess says

    Oh my gosh. This cake looks AMAZING! I definitely agree with the other posters in saying that your second photo is definitely not in the hideous category… great photography, great recipe, to-die-for cake! One question: I’m an Australian and we can’t get graham crackers over here. What are they like? Oat biscuits? Plain wheat biscuits? I definitely want to try this recipe but I’m puzzled over what I can use as a substitute. Thanks Naomi!!

  28. Naomi says

    Laura – I’m not sure what oat biscuits are like, but graham crackers are thin-like biscuits or as I understand biscuits to be in the UK. Sorry, I don’t have experience with “biscuits” in AU. Whatever biscuit you use, you want to find one that softens with moisture but doesn’t get totally mushy.

  29. Violeta H says

    Hi awesome cake!!!(: so gonnna try it but just a few questions … First when you say over simmering water and not on it, could you explain more in detail please? What did you do? And for the ingredients, when I buy the cream is there a certain type? When I’m in the store what do I look for & is it in the dairy section? Thank you

  30. Debra Coppernoll says

    She probably means in a bowl set over a pan of water. You don’t want the water to touch the bottom of the bowl.

  31. aiman says

    when making the pudding, as we add the chocolate into the mixture , what if didnt melt tou? i mean how would we mix it with the mixture if it doesn’t melt?

  32. LilyChocoholic says

    I am 15 years old and am making this 100% by myself as we speak. This is turning out to look very delicious. I can not wait to taste the finished product. Thank you so much for the recipe.

  33. Amanda says

    This was the farthest thing from easy I’ve ever made however it has turned out Amazing! I had enough pudding to make extras! It took me a lot longer than 20-25mins to make the pudding. Seems to be the thicker the better!

  34. CasperTas says

    Can’t wait to try this looks delish!!! The Australian alternative would be digestive biscuits or wheatmeal biscuits. Not sure how it will go as I think they only make round ones as far as I know but looking forward to giving it a go!!

  35. Jennifer says

    Have a birthday in the office next week and everyone expects me to bring something. This would be the PERFECT item. One question though – do you think lady fingers would stand up to the pudding as opposed to grahamn crackers? The picture shown – was it of the 8×8 version or the 4×8 loaf?

  36. Aviva says

    You say cake can be divided to make 2- 4×8 loaf cakes. Did you mean to make cake and cut in half or use 2 loaf pans and put together twice? Your BEAUTIFUL PHOTO #2 looks like a loaf as you said but i see caramel and ganache coming down both sides of cake which leads me to believe you used 2 pans? Would like to make this Thursday for Saturday is that to early to make it? Thanks

  37. Aviva says

    Sorry saw where you said can be made 2 days ahead!! 🙂 Still curious about rest of my question!

  38. Heather Lai says

    I think she cut the 8×8 cake in half before she added the caramel and ganache.

  39. Peg says

    Your dessert looks like it would wow any “Snickers” fanatic (like it would have for my PRE-diabetes husband), but the recipe, as written, leaves a lot to be desired. I’m a pretty experienced cook and I KNOW, even if this cake COULD set up properly in a fridge (not likely) it would certainly last more than 2 days and far longer in a freezer.

  40. Phoebe says

    Hi I live in Australia and I use Graham Crackers for my stuff if it says to use it.
    If u look inside a Filipino store or even an Asian store you will find it in there.
    They’re delish!

    Can’t wait to try this or at least attempt to make it lol

  41. Lu says

    Mine is in the freezer right now! Can’t wait to see how it turned out but I have a feeling it will be fantastic. Thank you for the recipe!

  42. Maritess says

    this is what I really like to do. making cakes without baking in the oven. thanks for delicious recipe.

  43. Jan Page says

    Hi it just means you get a pan of hot water simmering and place a bowl on top, not touching water underneath and the steam from under, melts what you put in dish. Becareful not to let the water spill into the bowl too. Hope this helps? Jan

  44. Deb says

    This looks amazing but you do not say what kind of crackers or what flavor of pudding. Please tell us!

  45. Sabrina says

    It looks amazing! I want to try and make it next week and i just wanted to ask for how long is the cake good for?

  46. Ellen says

    does the final layer of caramel go on top of a layer of pudding or on top of a graham cracker layer?

  47. kim says

    Recipe is too confusing your speak of chocolate pudding and peanut butter pudding but the recipe only gives 1 pudding recipe. If you mean the chocolate ganache you should state that. Cannot follow difficult recipe. 🙁

  48. isabel says

    hi, i am in australia and have never heard of the biscuit you are speaking about but would it be okay to use an arnots granita? my only problem they only make them round how would i work with that? would i crush them to a rough crumb and sprinkle and thick layer? hope you can help me out!

  49. Joanne says

    Hi Kim,
    I think you missed step #2 – Split mixture in half and add chocolate to one half and whisk to combine. Add peanut butter to remaining half and whisk to combine.

    This is how you get two puddings.

  50. Eudocia says

    I read over many comments hoping to find one that said they made it. I’m saving the recipe and if I do make it I’ll let you know for sure how it turned out for me.

  51. jan gridley says

    pudding took forever to thicken and then it was not thick enough, I added 2 more tablespoon of cornstarch in milk and then it got thick. you ganache could be better by adding more cream and it would also be able to be enough to drizzle on both loaves. After all if you look at a snicker bar, the coating is milk chocolate not dark chocolate.All in all we will see, mine is in the freezer.

  52. Kim says

    I am in the process of making this now for my husbands birthday tomorrow, and I have been trying to get the pudding to form for over 35 minutes… any idea on what could be going wrong?

  53. Adrienne Powell says

    Hiya – we don’t have graham crackers in the UK – I guess digestives are our nearest alternative but they are round rather than oblong; I wondered if this could be made with wafer fingers/biscuits instead or would they go soggy under the peanut butter and choccie cake mix …. I am desperate to give this a go!

  54. Cherice says

    What size pan should I use? Also I am kind of an armature at this sort of thing. But I am decent at following directions. Do you think I will be able to pull this off?

  55. KARINE says


  56. Brooke says

    This was a swing and a miss. Not good. The best part about the dessert was the snickers on top. The rest was an overly sweet pile of mush with no stand out flavors or textures.

  57. boaba nicoleta says

    Hi Naomi,I just wanna let you know that I found your recipe and images on this site and I can see were stolen.

  58. AussieBaker says

    This cake was decadent and amazing! I got so many compliments, and found it hard to stop eating. I used Smitten kitchen’s recipe for Graham crackers, since you can’t buy them in Australia, which made a 4 layered square cake. One piece of advice – don’t use the bain-marie for the pudding, as it will take hours to thicken, just use a large pot on low heat and stir well!

  59. Olivia says

    These pictures are incredibly deceiving. Do not think, for a second, that an amateur baker can complete this recipe. The directions are very vague and unclear, and the process to make this is incredibly confusing. You will feel very frustrated and overwhelmed. The end result looks like graham crackers with melted chocolate poured over them. You will be very unhappy with this final result. Do not attempt to ever make this recipe for you will have wasted money, time, and destroyed whatever baking ego you had.

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