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Pumpkin Chai Marshmallow Pie for an Aldi Friendsgiving

**This post was sponsored by ALDI. All opinions are strictly my own.** 

Like so many of you, this is my favorite time of the year. Everyone is cheerful, bright and ready to gather and eat. This year I’m bringing this Pumpkin Chai Marshmallow Pie to the ALDI Friendsgiving, hosted by my friend Adrianna.

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I gave the traditional pumpkin pie a slight twist by changing the spices and ratios of them around to make a plate-scraping dessert that’s topped with the easiest marshmallow crème topping that holds its shape. Admittedly, my family gave it a bit of pause because they were looking for the traditional naked top served with a side of whipped crème, but Friendsgiving—like life—is what you make of it.

Pumpkin Chai Marshmallow Pie via Bakers Royale

Here’s the thing about tradition, they’re flexible—keep what you love, toss aside what you don’t, change what you need and most of all make new ones! This pie is my new tradition starting this year. I’m excited to be sharing this at ALDI’s Friendsgiving with A Cozy KitchenBecause I’m Addicted, The Kitchy Kitchen, Love & Lemons, Spoon Fork Bacon and Sugar and Cloth.

Pumpkin Chai Marshmallow Pie - Bakers Royale

To keep all this merry-making easy and cost efficient, I’m shopping at ALDI  to make the most of my gatherings. They have an everyday range of high-quality products including all the best baking ingredients to stock my pantry, gourmet cheeses to fill out my charcuterie boards and award-winning wines for the best sips. ALDI is significantly less expensive than the national average, which leaves me more resources to kick up my kitchen creativity and festive table setting.

Aldi Ingredients

This year shopping at ALDI has an additional benefit. To help bring more food to more people this holiday, ALDI is teaming up with Venmo and Feeding America® to encourage people to add a new tradition of giving to their Friendsgiving celebrations thanks to the very first, custom-designed, Friendsgiving Turkey Hand emoji. Every time the Turkey Hand is shared on Venmo this November, ALDI will donate 10 meals to Feeding America to help people in need, up to one million meals. Learn more about the ALDI meal donations to Feeding America here.

How is that for adding something new to your tradition, right?

So now my burning question, what’s your favorite old and new tradition? Let me know in the comment section.

Pumpkin Chai Marshmallow Pie

Pumpkin Chai Marshmallow Pie

Yield: Serves 8
Prep Time: 3 hours
Cook Time: 2 hours


  • Crust
  • 1 1/3 cups (6 oz./160g) Baker’s Corner Unbleached All-Purpose Flour
  • 2 teaspoons Baker’s Corner Granulated Sugar
  • ¼ teaspoon Stonemill Iodized Table Salt
  • ½ cup cold Countryside Creamery Unsalted Butter
  • 3 to 4 tablespoons ice water
  • 1 tablespoons Southern Grove Pecans, crushed and toasted
  • Filling
  • 1 15oz. Bakers's Corner Canned Pumpkin
  • ¾ cups Baker’s Corner Light Brown Sugar
  • 2 teaspoon Stonemill Ground Cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon teaspoon Stonemill All-Spice
  • 1 teaspoon cardamom
  • ¾ teaspoon Stonemill Ground Ginger
  • ½ teaspoon Stonemill Ground Cloves
  • ¼ teaspoon Stonemill Ground Nutmeg
  • 2 teaspoon Stonemill Vanilla Extract
  • 3 large SimplyNature Organic Cage Free Brown eggs
  • 1 ¼ cup Countryside Creamery Heavy Whipping Cream
  • Marshmallow Crème
  • 2 SimplyNature Organic Cage Free Brown eggs
  • 1 cup Baker’s Corner Light Corn Syrup
  • ½ cup Baker’s Corner Granulated Sugar
  • ½ cup Baker’s Corner Confectioners’ sugar


To make pie crust: In the bowl of a food processor, pulse together flour, sugar and salt.

Add in cubed butter and pulse for about 10 seconds or until the butter is incorporated into the flour and is the size of peas. Add water and continue to pulse until the dough stays together when pinched. If it crumbles add more water, 1 tablespoon at a time. Transfer the dough to a work surface and shape into a ball. Wrap the ball in plastic wrap and flatten into a disk. Refrigerate the dough for at least 30 minutes or overnight.

Roll out chilled dough on floured surface to a 13-inch round. Sprinkle crushed pecans on top. Lightly roll over pecans to press it into the dough. Fold dough in half and place it in a 9-inch pie pan. Make sure the dough is set down into the pan so that it is flush up against the sides and bottom. Fold the overhang under to form a 1-inch border. To flute the edge: press from the inside with a knuckle while cupping the outside of the crust with your thumb and index finger from the other hand, flute the edge 1-inch apart. Transfer the crust to the freezer for 20 minutes.

In the meantime, heat the oven to 375°F. Place rack in bottom third of oven. Line the pie shell with parchment paper, pleating as needed to fit it against the side and bottom of the shell. Fill the parchment-lined shell with dried beans until it is level with the top of the fluted edge of the pie crust. Parbake for 15 minutes. Remove the pan from the oven and transfer to wire rack to remove parchment and beans. Return pan to oven and bake for another 7 minutes or until lightly golden. Remove finished parbaked crust from the oven and transfer to a wire rack to cool.

To make filling: Place the pumpkin in the bowl of a food processor fitted with the blade. Add in next 8 ingredients and process until blended. Add the eggs 1 at a time, pulsing after each addition. With the food processor running, gradually add cream, processing until just blended.

Pour filling into crust. Bake until edges are puffed and center is set, about 1 hour. Cool completely on rack. Cover and chill overnight.

To make marshmallow crème: Place egg whites and corn syrup in a stand mixer bowl fitted with a whisk. Beat on low gradually building the speed to high over 30 seconds. Beat on high until soft peaks form about, 5 minutes. Add both sugars and beat on low until sugar is just mixed in. Turn mixer to high and beat until medium peaks form.

Transfer marshmallow crème to a pastry bag fitted with large leaf tip. Pipe a ruffled line from top to bottom, left to right. Finish with perimeter edge. Lightly toast with a kitchen torch to finish.