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Game Day Eats Series | Episode 3: Mini Pizza Bites

Can you hear me squealing? EEEEEK. I’m so excited about these little mini pizzas. I mean, how fun are these? Can you guess what the crust is made of? Um, think crispy cracker that doesn’t get soggy, but softens to a nice doughy, crust-like bite of traditional pizza. Okay, I’ll just tell you—these mini pizzas are built on pita crackers.

PITA CRACKERS! Okay, I’ll stop shouting and being overly excited. 

Mini Pizza Bites | Bakers Royale  

The best part about these mini pizzas is they truly are a one-bite appetizer. I always hate it when the promise of bite-sized food is a complete fail because (1) I end up looking like a chipmunk chewing with my mouth half open until I can chomp the food down to the proper size to close my mouth or (2) I bite into it and realize the half that is not in my mouth is on my shirt. Please tell me this doesn’t just happen to me. 

Hashtag sucky, right?!

Speaking of hashtags, check out my Instagram Stories to see a photo that shows a quarter next to one of the mini pizzas, so you can really see just how small these truly are. For now, you can kind of get a feel for it by using the bottle cap in the picture above for a size reference.
Mini Pizza Bites via Bakers Royale

Now let’s switch gears and talk about this year’s football season. Like last year, and the year before, I have absolutely no interest in it—other than the food. For realz. This year, the big difference is Matt and I are collaborating on the Game Day Eats series you’re reading now, so instead of competing for best or most outrageous dish we are playing nice. That means each week, up until football season ends, you can grab a recipe for bite-size party food here and then head to Matt’s site for a main dish!

How fun is that? Now that you have your bite-size food fix for Sunday, head over to Matt’s site Real Food by Dad to grab some sustenance for the game. And don’t forgot to tune in next week to see what we have going on!

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this recipe

Mini Pizza Bites

Yield: Makes 45 Mini Pizza Bites


  • 45 pita crackers
  • 1/3 cup pizza sauce
  • 8 oz. fresh mozzarella cheese, grated
  • 1/3 cup diced green bell peppers
  • 1/3 cup diced olives
  • 1/3 cup diced red onions
  • 1 cup mini pepperonis


Place crackers onto a baking sheet in a single layer, working assembly-line style, spread about 1 teaspoon of pizza on each cracker and then sprinkle half of the grated mozzarella cheese on top. Layer with the cheese with 3-4 pepperonis on each mini pizza.

In a large bowl, mix together the bell peppers, olives and red onions, then sprinkle and layer this mixture on top of the pepperonis. Finish with remaining of half of mozzarella on top. Transfer pan to a 350ºF  heated oven and bake for 5-7 minutes or until cheese melts. Remove from oven and serve.