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Fig and Currant Toast with Whipped Honey Mascarpone

Who is ready for some elevated toast? By elevated toast, I mean anything that is beyond bread and butter because that’s what toast was when I was kid. Now that I’m an adult its morphed to whole meals plated on toast. Crazy!


I’m not quite there yet, but I did make this fig and currant combo with whipped honey mascarpone toast for an afternoon snack. I liked it so much its been on repeat for a few days . . . and because I didn’t want to waste the whipped mascarpone. It’s my fav thing right now, I could eat it by the spoonful. The recipe as it’s written will be more than you need for this one serving of toast, but it keeps well for a week. Additionally, you can always nix the toast, keep the fruit and whipped mascarpone, then layer it in a glass—voila it’s a trifle.

Of course, if you stick with this as toast and serve it with a glass of OJ its breakfast. That is unless you are my kids who quickly pushed the plate away, because they are not ready to jump on the toast-as-a-meal wagon. Gah!

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Fig and Currant Toast with Honey Whipped Mascarpone

Yield: 1 serving


  • 1 slice of bread
  • 1-2 tablespoon honey whipped mascarpone (recipe follows)
  • 1 -2 figs, quartered
  • 2 stems currant


Toast bread to preferred doneness. Spread honey whipped mascarpone and layer with figs and currants.

To make honey whipped mascarpone:  Place 1/4 cup mascarpone (room temperature), 3 tablespoon heavy cream, 1 tablespoon honey in a bowl. Beat on low until combined, then increase speed to high, beat until mixture doubles in volume and holds soft peaks.