SoNo’s No-Bake Cheesecake

SoNo’s No-Bake Cheesecake ~ A no bake version that easily parallels its oven counterpart in texture. Throw in the fact that this is a John Baracelli recipe and with his talent for subtle flavoring and his use of gelatin to help set this cheesecake, you may never want to see a waterbath for cheesecake again.

No-Bake Cheesecalke

SoNo's Cheesecake

I’m on a guest post run, my second in two weeks and I love it. This one is for Kid Diva. I met her on Twitter and we quickly surmised that we must have been sisters separated at birth. Although I’m still wondering how she got all the rad genes and I ended up a nerd in Southern California.

Her blog The Sugar Bar is one of my favorites. Want to see some of England’s best neighborhood restaurants-check it. The pictures of the dishes will have your mouth watering so wipe it up and get ready for the other part of her blog where she features her own deliciously creative recipes that will have you inspired and running for your kitchen.

Aside from her rock’n blogging skills, you’ll see she is very well loved on Twitter-deservingly so. Gone for a day and we Tweepers are missing our sunshine. For those not in the know, follow her on Twitter at @sugarbardiva and get skinned with some coolness.

In sticking with the theme of her life right now as a busy student, I chose a no-bake recipe that if Kid Diva can find time to make so can you.

Hit the jump for her blog and for the recipe.

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