S’mores Bars

This is an easy s’mores recipe that is fail proof and armed with a secret weapon.

Smore Bars

S'more Bars

I’m pretty sure having a good smore recipe is a requirement for good parenting, right? I mean you don’t want to send your child all the way through 10 years of school without ever knowing what one is—because that would be embarrassing.

Smore Bars

S'more Bars

What could be worse than missing culinary cultural references as such? I’m sure many things but when you are an awkward teenager, it seems like the end of all coolness.

Not wanting history to repeat itself, I’m determined to make my little guy a well-traveled culinary ninja. I made it, plated it and . . . . He turned his nose up at it. Yep. My little guy has no idea that as soon as he hits five, dessert enforcement will come down on him with no kid gloves.

That’s right, People, I’m a sugar pusher.

Hit the jump over to Endless Simmer for the recipe write-up and to uncover the secret weapon to becoming a culinary ninja. Okay not really, but I did throw a little twist  in the recipe.

Oh, and hey, there are plenty of good S’more recipes out there, but this one from Cookie Crazed Mama is the latest to catch my eye: Smore Krispy Treat. Ahem, we have a key ingredient in common when it comes to making s’more bars.

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  1. Avatar for Naomi RobinsonLaurin says

    Hey Naomi,
    these look amazing! 😀

    Speaking of s’mores recipes.. have you seen Ms Humble’s S’mores chocolate bar (http://notsohumblepie.blogspot.com/2010/07/smores-candy-bars.html)? Sooooo cool :)

    S’mores aren’t something we have in Australia (we don’t have the right ingredients), but I’ve had people make me them with some substitutions and they were pretty good! I’d love to try a proper one some day…


  2. Avatar for Naomi RobinsonBrian @ A Thought For Food says

    HAHA! We were twins yesterday! So funny how that happens. These look great! If I had used real marshmallow (instead of Fluff) I would have definitely gone this direction.

  3. Avatar for Naomi Robinson says

    You have to most amazing cookie recipes! I have been saving a bunch to use for Christmas cookies this year. I am adding this one to my favs.