Rocky Ledge Bar

Rocky Ledge Bar ~  A cookie bar filled with semi-sweet chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, marshmallows, caramel candy and some brown sugar. Do your teeth hurt yet? If they do, fill those cavities and take a bite. 

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Rocky Ledge Bar

Wow. Seriously, this cookie consumed at high levels will either endear you to your dentist forever more or will have you dancing through the night. Yep, Seinfeld’s Elaine and I could sweep Dancing with The Stars with her thumbs and my Herky Jerky dance moves.

Small word of caution: Do not attempt to duplicate or perform the Herky Jerky  in the company of kids, pets, adults or superheros, as it may cause convulsions, paralysis or severe nauseous.

Now back to the good and healthy stuff. This cookie bar is awesome. I love it for its mouthful of sweetness and it’s so easy to make it should be called the Lazy Baker Bar, but to bad, I already have a Lazy Baker Bar recipe set to debut shortly.

For now—Bake, Eat and Be Happy. Enjoy another lovely by Ms. Martha.

 A few notes:
1. You can use toffee chips instead of butterscotch.  I much prefer the butterscotch, since it provides a nice flavor contrast to all the chocolate.
2. I made these late at night and forgot the baking soda. To my relief they still turned out awesome- not dense and rubbery, thankfully!
3. Forget the scale this recipe is forgiving (see note #2). You will be fine with the dip and sweep method.
4. I think next time, I will cut all my chocolate and butterscotch chips and marshmallow portions by a 1/4th. The portions as they are in the recipe are over kill.
5. Click here for the recipe:
6. I also cut my caramel pieces into thirds, as I didn’t want big chunks of oozy.
7. Once cooled, I left mine in the microwave overnight and they were fine in the morning to cut. I skipped the fridge as directed.  This type of cookie bar with all those caramel pieces running though it, would have required Popeye’s arm to cut cold. And yes, you could wait until it becomes almost room temperature, but I can be impatient so I bypassed all that for the microwave storage method. Aside from that I was too lazy to place plastic wrap on it. It was just easier to place it in the microwave and close the door.

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  1. Avatar for Naomi Robinson says

    LOL Haven’t thought about Elaine’s dancing in years. So funny! You have the dancing gift too, then? teehee

    You’re right, reading the list of toppings is enough to send you to the dentist. Wow. I like the idea of mixing and matching to suit any taste though. And they sure look delicious.
    .-= Michelle´s last blog ..Toasted marshmallow milkshake =-.