Rock the Lunch Box

Admit it school lunches can be a challenge, making them healthy well it can be defeating at times. But lucky for me, and now you, we can get a little help from Rock the Lunch Box.

Rock the Lunch Box 2016 | Bakers Royale

Their mission: Build a better lunch box.

Um, yeahhhh. There have been no objections from the little guy, especially since he gets bored of the same thing. It used to be that variety didn’t matter too much because you could always trade snacks and sandwiches with your buddies—not anymore. Trades are rule breakers and rule breakers get in trouble!

That being the case, I’m building a better lunch box with a few of my favorite brands to keep a healthy rotation of goodies.

Here’s my basic formula:

The sandwich – Start with a good bread, like Rudi’s Honey Sweet Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread or their Multigrain Tortilla because it’s made with nothing but the good stuff–no artificial flavors, preservatives or pesticide. Then stuff with some of Applegate’s deli meat (we love their Natural Oven Roasted Chicken Breast) because they don’t contain antibiotics, nitrates or nitrites. What you smear on you bread is your business, but seriously have you ever heard of ketchup instead of mayonnaise with with a ham sandwich—ewww, but that’s how the little guy likes it.

Rudis | Bakers Royale

Applegate Deli Meat | Bakers Royale copy

Fruit – This is a must. Whole fruit is always a winner. I just add whatever is in season.

Snacks—Here’s where things get crazy! So many choices when you go with Annie’s snacks. Between all the bunny-shaped crackers, cookies and fruit snacks, I have sweet and savory treats covered.

Annies Fruit Snacks | Bakers Royale copy copy

Drink – Reach for Honest Kids – it’s a no brainer. Their drinks are only sweetened by the natural fruit juices! Our current favorite is Appley Ever After.

Honest Kids | Bakers Royale copy

Now that I’ve share some my favorites lunch time goodies, please share some of your happy, healthy tricks for building a better lunch box, because we can all use a little help.  And to help us even further head over to Rock the Lunch Box and enter for your chance to win a month of lunches! Five lucky winners will get a month’s worth of free products and lunch-packing supplies worth more than $375 per prize.

Awesomeness right? So join me and let’s build better lunch boxes!

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  1. Avatar for Naomi RobinsonAngela - Patisserie Makes Perfect says

    This looks so lovely – I love the little bunny snacks. I don’t make packed lunches for little ones – but I do have to make them for my boyfriend and me.

    I generally take fruit, a soup, I love popcorn instead of crisps and nakd bars are one of my favourite things too. Oh and there has to be a yoghurt!

  2. Avatar for Naomi RobinsonKaren @ Seasonal Cravings says

    Packing lunches can be so draining everyday. Thanks for the new ideas. We love Rudi’s bread.

  3. Avatar for Naomi Robinson says

    This pretty much looks like my oldest son’s lunch every day. He isn’t much for change….. loves his ham sandwiches and Annie’s bunnies and fruit snacks!

  4. Avatar for Naomi RobinsonMarjorie Weir says

    Like this and would love to have you look at – a great tool to build better lunches, for the group, or a few days. (is great for holding legos too – saw those in your pic!)