Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Time to get cozy with some peppermint hot chocolate. I know this is really a simple recipe, but it’s still a solid one and a good one. Besides that, the first good rain of the season has finally come and I’m feeling all warm and nest-y (I know, way articulate).

Peppermint Hot Chocolate via Bakers Royale

Okay, let’s commiserate about holiday hectic-ness. Seriously, it’s madness around here lately, between work, the blog and trying to get Christmas decorations up–but for every sigh I let out–I’m so thankful for my beautiful family around me that they don’t get upset when I forget to pack their lunch, shrink their favorite no-dryer shirt and fall asleep five minutes into a movie.

For the love of food

Today, I’m going take you on a bit of a detour. Don’t worry it’s still about food—a lot of it, about 21,000 recipes worth of food. Do I have your curiosity peaked? Mine certainly was when I found about Bing’s Food & Drink App.


If you are like me and already have about 3-5 apps for food alone—what can this offer? Or if you don’t have one, why should this be one you do have? Let’s chat.

Blueberry Streusel Pie

We are 37 days away from Christmas and I’m giving you a blueberry pie. I know, I should have made something like a cranberry or a pumpkin pie tart (wait, I already did that—ha! shameless plug for a few old posts). But seriously, I had to make this. I love berry pies of any sort and I had a plethora of blueberries just on the edge of turning, so there you have my true reason for making this.


As it turned out—perfect since I’m still working on my pie making skills. Along with that, I wanted to try this double-crusted blueberry pie with a streusel topping.

Hot Chocolate Brownie Torte

How can you wrong with a hot chocolate brownie torte? You can’t, but you can make it better with a hit of cayenne for a little bit of spice.

Brownie Torte via Bakers Royale

This Hot Chocolate Brownie Torte is a recipe from Clabber Girl. Of course I couldn’t turn down making it—one can never have too many brownie recipes and variations. And even more so, once I saw that it was a one-bowl brownie recipe—fast and easy.

Peppermint Hot Chocolate Pops

If you follow me on Instagram, than you know I put out a teaser about peppermint desserts to come. Well, here’s the first one. Super easy, and super fun to do.

Peppermint Hot Chocolate Pops via Bakers Royale | Easy pops made with a cocoa rice krispie treat center

And as I warn you each year, be prepared for an onslaught of peppermint treats–remember last year’s: cupcakes, cookies, cake, brownie pops, ice cream cake and these cool peppermint gifting spoons

Apple Spice Pull-Apart Bread

You know what I’m finally figuring out? Creativity takes a back seat when you overbook yourself. That’s because all I can think of are all of the pending deadlines, past deadlines and the new deadlines. Who has room to think about things like lighting and composition?  And as you can see—it shows.

Apple Spice Pull Apart Bread from Bakers Royale

But the upside to all this . . . conditioning.

Double Chocolate Chip Muffins

You know I’ve written on many occasions how creativity has stood me up here and there—well, I’ve learned to deal with those pockets of time. But let me tell you, being plagued with sickness and tiredness is incapacitating and those around me are learning to deal with it. Forget creativity, simple everyday thoughts becomes a patch-worked effort. Nothing is seamless.

 Double Chocolate Chip Muffins via Bakers Royale

And sometimes it works, sometimes not so much. Lucky for me, Matt’s learned to translate my half thoughts. And Cole has finally forgiven me for getting his middle name wrong while I was explaining to him about how the baby’s middle name will be Grace like his is John—my bad, that is not his middle name (close but not quite).

Banana-Coconut Coffee Cake with Pecan Streusel

Have you ever thought you were coming out of something, only to be set straight with a punch to the stomach? Okay, so I’m being dramatic (what’s new). But really, being pregnant is really cramping my blogging style.

Banana Coconut Coffee Cake via Bakers Royale

All this food aversion and scent sensitivity is keeping me from eating all the sweet deliciousness. But the upside—Matt has become the official kitchen taste tester. While he may not love sweets, he definitely knows what’s good and what’s not.