Peanut Butter & Honey Mini Pies

Forget being dainty, open wide and you’ll be able to have these frozen peanut butter pies in one bite. Sure it’s not necessary, but it might be if you are in the company of others who are doing the same and there is a limited amount.

1 Butterfinger and Honey Mini Tarts by Bakers Royale


Let’s celebrate eating the way it should, that is without all those pesky etiquette rules. I’m not advocating this all for every situation, but in the company of those near and dear who’s to judge how you take your bite.

Blueberry Waffle Cookies

Waffle cookies! Make it blueberry waffle cookies with a blueberry glaze—seriously, this is a breakfast experience. You need this.

Blueberry Waffle Cookies from Bakers Royale

Okay, maybe you don’t, but you should definitely give it a go.

Easy Blueberry Muffin Recipe

I know nearly everyone has their own blueberry muffin recipe and everyone will tell you their is the best blueberry muffin recipe. Well, I’m gonna buck the trend and tell you, I’m not sure if mine is the best, but it’s really good—like you’ll eat three-at-a-time good.

Blueberry Muffins by Bakers Royale

See the ones with the glaze, I don’t always add it, in fact I generally just sprinkle coarse sugar on top, but I was craving a bright burst of lemon to go with blueberry muffins. The glaze took care of that along with adding a natural bright burst of color. That’s right, no color dye—just some lemon juice and blueberry syrup. It’s not like I have an aversion to dye, but anything deeply colored artificially just kinda grosses me out. Keep it subtle and I can go with it. If it goes neon, I’m out. These are almost on that neon border, but as I mentioned natural dyeing- no problem. The bright color comes from the blueberries.