Beer Floats

It’s a holiday, so we are drinking. Okay, well you guys are because I’m working and will be having one of these beer floats after work.  I’ll take mine with Guinness, but you take yours as you like, because any stout will work.

Beer, ice cream and hot fudge sauce – I know your inner child is gleefully high-fiving you with this adult spin. 

Rose Cupcakes {Take Two}

Happy Valentine’s, lovely friends. I realize it’s a celebratory type of day. Let’s do this. Rose cupcakes. Kinda fancy, huh? It’s easy to make, so don’t be intimidated. And if you were here last year, then you know I mentioned there would be a short clip on how to pipe these buttercream roses. Well it’s finally complete  . . . what’s a year between friends?

Although in my defense, truly and honestly I did make a video last year.  But I couldn’t bring myself to post it because I hate the sound of my voice. This time around I used Vine—no voice. Trust me, I spared you. To view it you’ll have to go  to my Twitter feed, if you are not on Vine. If you are on Vine , my handle is @bakersroyale.

French Kiss Margarita

Predictable. A Valentine’s something or another the day before. Well this year it’s a Valentine’s cocktail. I think you’ll like the blood orange against the basil and the margarita meets French kiss cocktail combination. It’s not dessert because I couldn’t get around to photographing it, that’s the downside of being a slower shooter and having a 9-5’r that only allows me to photograph on the weekend.

French Kiss Margarita

I know, I’m such an excuse maker.