Biscoff and Kahlua Crunch Cupcakes

It’s summer and I’m sure the most of you are thinking chocolate is just too damn thick for this heat. Yes, I feel ya, that’s why I made it a chocolate and Biscoff cupcake with booze. The chocolate cupcake has Kahlua in it and the marbled fluff you see is a Biscoff frosting marbled with chocolate ganache. Then of course you know me and my heavy hand, I had to drizzle it with chocolate ganache and step it up another notch with some Skor shards and crumbles for added texture.

Biscoff & Kahlua Crunch Cupcakes

I should tell you, I’ve actually never had Biscoff until this weekend. Biscoff is like the new Nutella, at least it is in the blog world-or so it seems to me. Could I reduce that statement anymore? But it seems like everywhere I look there is a blog featuring a Biscoff dessert recipe.

Melon Berry Diablo Cocktail Popsicle

Okay, let’s get the food business out of the way, I have a little rant today. This week’s cocktail popsicle is built on a tequila’d base honeydew body that’s  mixed with ginger beer and softly stirred with a raspberry cassis syrup that turns the classic Diablo into a summer sweet cocktail popsicle.

Melon Berry Diablo

Now the rant: There are such things as open-ended answers, but there should not be open ended opinions—especially when it comes to my food. You like it, you don’t—here’s why and there you have it, end of story. I don’t mind if people don’t like something, but—back. it. up.  No sucker punches please.

4th of July Recipe Round Up

Calling all procrastinators! I know I can’t be the only one that waits until the last minute for certain things. This 4th of July, I’m a little crazier than usual, so I’m scrambling like some of you to think of what to bring to our family get together. With that I decided to gather and share some of the best 4th of July round-ups and 4th of July Pinterest boards that I thought might be helpful.

Clockwise: Fruit Pops, Creme Filled Strawberries, Patriotic Jello Shots, Mixed Berry Cake, Strawberry Shortcakes, Strawberry Icebox Cake

The collage above is a collection of 4th of July treats I’ve made. Like the opener said, I’m somewhat of a procrastinator, so of course I ran out of time and didn’t have a chance to get anyone’s permission to use their photo—that’s why you only see my desserts. That said be sure to check out the links and Pinterest boards below because there are some incredible 4th of July round-ups that include desserts and more!