Simple Fudge Recipe

I figured since the new school year is starting in just a few days, we might as well jump ahead to the holidays. Yup, the summer-break mindset is winding down.

Simple Fudge Recipe

To get us started, let’s ease into it with this simple fudge recipe. Of course you can make your fudge straight-up—pour it into a pan and cut it into squares. Or you can finish it like the picture, domed and covered in a chocolate marbled layer. And yes, I like my fudge with raspberries, it balances the richness.

Coconut and Strawberry Ice Cream Terrine

Summer is nearly over. Of course when you have kids, summer is measured by “summer” break as dictated by the school and not by the seasonal calendar. We have less than two weeks of break left. Seriously, Matt and I are so bummed about it. Sure, we like routine and structure, but we’ll miss the boys and the daily poolside fun. So for this last weekend hoorah, that also coincides with Labor Day, I’ll be making this ice cream terrine for our goodbye-summer-break pool party.

Coconut and Strawberry Ice Cream Terrine from Bakers Royale

To start this recipe, you’ll need to pick up two boxes of Fruttare’s ® Coconut and Milk Bars, along with two Strawberry Fresa boxes. For the add-in fruit, use what you prefer. I chose raspberries (frozen works better for this recipe).

Donut Cupcakes

This year when it’s time to celebrate your little one’s birthday, let’s get Get Your Betty On with these fun donut cupcakes made easy with Betty Crocker. You know, the iconic red box with spoon logo that’s been helping moms and dads all over make every occasion from birthdays and more, delicious and special.

Not every one has time to make an elaborate, highly decorated cake, but everyone can make a homemade cake that’s just as special. What is for everyone–is making the event you plan special and hopefully as stress-free as possible while you’re planning and preparing it.