Spicy Sausage and Sweet Pepper Sausage

Don’t overlook this simple Spicy Sausage and Sweet Pepper Sausage dish. It’s packing some flavor and heat. It’s also a great choice for a weeknight meal when you need to pull something easy and simple together in less than 30 minutes.

Pasta with Sausage and Sweet Peppers

Nowadays that seems so much faster than going to get take-out. But I’m sure that has more to do with the fact that I have an infant who I have to load and unload.

Chocolate-Dipped Hazelnut Shortbread Dunkers

Chocolate Dipped Hazelnut Shortbread Dunkers – whoa, that’s a mouthful. And, it’s the best kind too—soft buttery crumbs, full of toasted hazelnuts, then dipped in dark chocolate; and of course let’s not forget the sugar rimming for some added crunch and sparkle.

Hazelnut Shortbread Dunkers | Bakers Royale copy

Now that January is drawing to an end. Can I lure you back into the kitchen for some homemade cookies? The baking hiatus is over. Valentine’s is around the corner and sweet treats are calling.

Korean-Style Short Ribs

Game day is getting closer and closer, so let’s get our party on with these Korean-style BBQ Short Ribs. You are going to love this with its Coke reduction marinade, which also doubles as a sauce when serving.

Korean-Style Short Ribs from Bakers Royale copy


Next to the boneless ribs—yep, boneless—because a plate of chewed bones . . .eww, are some onion rings dipped in a panko and Ritz cracker blend. You don’t want to skip the Ritz cracker in the batter because it makes these onion rings by adding a salty and buttery taste to the ensemble.