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Valentine's White Chocolate Macarons via Bakers Royale

Valentine’s White Chocolate Macarons

I’m back with another round of Valentine’s macarons. There is just something about macarons that brings out my wanna-be artsy persona. It’s not often, but once in awhile like with these macarons, I had the photo worked out before I actually made the food. That background is actually wrapping paper. I saw it, loved it…

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Spinach and Artichoke Dip | Bakers Royale copy

Spinach and Artichoke Dip

Everyone has a favorite spinach dip recipe, so I’m going avoid any claims of saying it’s the best. But I will say, I hope you try it. At its root, it’s pretty basic – sauté and wilt the spinach in garlic, throw in the artichokes and add the creamy body. I use whipped ricotta over…

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Caramel Popcorn and Pecan Honeycomb via Bakers Royale

Caramel Corn and Pecan Honeycomb Brittle

Honeycomb candy with crushed caramel corn, toasted pecans and almond shards – oh. me. gee. It’s a must-make. I know it’s candy and some of you may put this off because you’re thinking hot sugar and candy thermometer – scary. It’s really not. If you can make homemade caramel, you can make homemade honeycomb candy….

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Black Cherry Macarons | Bakers Royale

Black Cherry Macarons

Who else agrees with me that these macs look like little pots of make-up? They started off flat pink and red for some Valentine’s macarons, but then I glammed up a few with some shimmer and shine for added drama. For the filling, I wanted something equally dark and dramatic so I went with a…

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Orange Chicken Meatballs via Bakers Royale copy

Orange Chicken Meatballs

Check it out—orange chicken without the deep-frying. Yes, it’s a thing—at least it is in my home. It’s my riff on the classic orange chicken recipe by flipping it to a meatball, avoiding the deep frying and taking a few liberties with the ingredients. The flavor is all there, albeit a bit spicier, but you…

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Easy Skillet Lasagna Recipe

If you are anything like me, you love lasagna but don’t love all the fuss that goes with making it. Nor do I love all the multi-pot cleaning. With that I’m condensing my standby lasagna recipe into a One Skillet Lasagna that comes together in just under an hour. To start things off you’ll need…

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