Double-Chocolate Peppermint Pot de Creme

I’m officially peppermint crazy, but if it’s not “peppermint” crazy it’s bound to be something else, so at least this is benign. Because other crazies would be like using my mascara wand to stir coffee, squirting contact solution on my toothbrush and leaving the house for work with no shoes.

Double-Chocolate Peppermint Pot de Creme ~ A rich and creamy no-bake recipe that can be made two days in advance.

As it is, I can be absentminded enough on my own, pregnancy has just made it better—crazier,  more fun! I’ve even trained the little guy to sleep in his school clothes, so that any wardrobe malfunction can be diverted during my early morning haze. Don’t worry, the one time, he had to go commando to school is nothing like the Janet Jackson affair, but d@mn! there was so much crying and drama at drop-off that I nearly lost my mind.

Blackberry & Almond Coffee Cake

Grab a plate so you can catch the crumbly almond streusel, because trust me—you won’t want to miss any part of this cake. What can you expect under the streusel? How about a tender cake crumb with a sweet ribbon of blackberry jam, running its way through every bite?

Blackberry Coffee Cake by Bakers Royale

See what I mean about not wanting to miss a bite? Now that you know why, let’s talk about another reason why this could be one of your holiday morning heroics. Seriously, it’s easy to make—and the best part—you can make this the night before and serve it to a large crowd in the morning.

Ooey Gooey Blackberry Butter Bars

I think you are going to love this riff on the classic ooey gooey bar recipe. If you are a regular reader than you know the classic is something I find too sweet. If you’re a newer reader, then join me and let’s play with our food.

Ooey Gooey Blackberry Butter Bars via Bakers Royale

To start, I added coconut milk to the recipe and then mixed in some blackberries with lime for a hint of fruitness with every sweet bite. Have I convinced you?

Cranberry-Almond Rum Balls

These Cranberry-Almond Rum Balls are a variation on the classic rum balls that just so happens to be more healthy. Although I didn’t set out to do that, a few tweaks made it so–and I think better tasting. For this healthier version skip the traditional crumbed cookies and use crushed marcona almonds and swap out the corn syrup for honey.

Cranberry-Almond Rum Balls via Bakers Royale

This is a recipe I developed around McCormick’s Go4Gourmet challenge. The idea was to create a recipe with the 3 ingredients sent to me. When my box came it included: (1) marcona almonds (2) Saigon Cinnamon (3) sea salt.

Peppermint Tuxedo Fudge

Holiday crazy is in high gear around here, so to keep things simple I’m doing a 5-minute fudge with only five ingredients today. You are gonna love this recipe. Wait till you see it, it’s highly adaptable and great for gift giving.

Peppermint Tuxedo Fudge by - A five minute, five ingredient fudge recipe via Bakers Royale

And in the throes of all this madness, crazy tiredness from running from one job to the next, one task to the next, one kid to another, Matt and I have just started watching Breaking Bad—oh. my. gawd!

Cherries and Cream Quick Bread

I’m all about dressing up simple desserts. And a quick glaze with some maraschino cherries can turn any dessert into a show-stopper. I love this quick bread for its flavor and texture.

Cherries and Cream Quick Bread with Bakers Royale

While the recipe calls for dried sour cherries, don’t worry if you can’t find any. This recipe is highly adaptable, so use any dried fruit to your preference—to stay seasonal, use dried cranberries. Of course, I also went and added mini chocolate chips and ½ cup of silvered almonds—see what I mean about it being highly adaptable?

Pomegranate & Grapefruit Sorbet Terrine

We are having a bit of cold snap here and I love it. The green leaves are finally being coaxed into their fall time blush.  And I say blush because here in Southern California we rarely see the deep saturated changes of back east. But I don’t care, a little goes a long way—I’m easy to please. And the slight change in foliage is all the trigger I need to set me deep into my mode of nesting.

Pomegranate Grapefruit Sorbet Terrine via Bakers Royale

With nesting are traditions that I look forward to every year. Like having ice cream while wearing a scarf and coat (rather than being hot and sweaty). If you remember last year I made this ice cream cake. This year I partnered up with Dreyer’s to create a sorbet terrine using their Outshine Fruit Bars.

Walnut and Chocolate Cake Bar

Look at this thing-y. I say thing-y, because what do you call something like this? It’s like a deconstructed cake turned all inside out and cut into mouth-popping squares. Go ahead come in closer—see  how it’s stuffed with chunks of pound cake and laced with the best walnuts from Diamond California® Nuts (I know, shameless plug), then topped with some raspberries—it’s seriously begging for a face stuffing.

Walnut and Chocolate Cake Bar ~ A fast and easy no-bake recipe via Bakers Royale

I’m on a roll this week with sweet treats.Yay to that, because all this baking means the pregnancy is finally finding some steady ground. And yes, this is my second pregnancy, but it’s nothing like the first one. Forget food cravings, this one has been pixelated with an abundance of food aversions on par with a vegan-combo-gluten-free eater.