Lemon Ice Box Cake

Pucker up, sit down and shut the front door, we are doing a no-bake lemon ice box recipe that’s bang’n.

Lemon Ice Box Cake | Bakers Royale


Yep, bang’n. It’s full of lemon goodness—but not so lemon-y that’ll make your eyes cross. It has just enough lemon to be refreshing and just enough sweetness to keep you spooning for more. 

Salmon Hobo Recipe

I’m going to hit savory one more time this week with this easy Hobo Salmon for a weeknight dinner. Next week, we’ll be back on our regularly scheduled programming of desserts.

Salmon Hobo | Bakers Royale

Until then, let’s do this. 

Street Tacos

I know, this is primarily a baking blog, but every once in awhile I break into savory, like today with these street tacos.

Street Tacos | Bakers Royale

It helps to keep me grounded in the real world, by real world, I mean setting a healthy eating example for the kids. Sure when I’m not eating sweets, I generally do healthy stuff like this dish here and here.