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Smoked Mac and Cheese _ Bakers Royale

Smoked Mac and Cheese

Remember last week when I made this Pastrami, Smoked Mac and Cheese Burger? Yeah, it was awesome. And since I told you the mac and cheese made the burger, I had to share the recipe. Here it is—in all its humbleness. I know it doesn’t look like much, but I promise you, whether you make it…

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No-Bake Desserts | Bakers Royale copy

18 Easy No-Bake Recipe

You know what it’s like in August—summer heat, summer sweat, summer stickiness, but more importantly it’s also back to school in five days. As you can imagine, it’s madness around here, especially as I’m in multi-tasking overdrive and working on deprogramming the 8-year-old from summer mode.   So this easy no-bake recipe round-up is for those…

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Pina Colada Cupcakes _ Bakers Royale

Pina Colada Cupcakes

Let’s kickstart the week with some boozy cupcakes, specifically these Pina Colada Cupcakes. I know, pina colada cupcakes are everywhere, but these are rum soaked, filled with pineapple preserves and topped with grilled pineapples.

Pastrami Mac and Cheese | Bakers Royale

Pastrami, Smoked Mac and Cheese Burger

You know how I can be with desserts— light bites one day and then heavy-hitting and belt-busting another day—well, same goes for savory. See the below picture for clarification.   It’s pretty much a full day’s calorie count in one meal. This burger is stacked with pastrami, smoked white cheddar mac and cheese, peppercinis and…

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Fruit Pizza | Bakers Royale

Fruit Pizza

Finally a guiltless pizza for your summer body, or if you are like me, you make this fruit pizza to clean out your the bits and pieces of fruit lying around in your fridge. Of course when you go to make this, any variety of fruit will do. Use what you have or what’s in season…

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Easiest Meringue Cookie Recipe | Bakers Royale

Easy No-Fail Meringue Recipe

I was never a huge fan of meringues until just a few years a go. I think it’s because up until I had a proper meringue from a bakery, my only experience had been with those awful store bought kind that were styrofoam like in texture. A proper meringue should have a—the crisp exterior and…

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