Learn how to make a Surprise-Inside Cake

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I’m getting you Easter-ready with this pastel surprise-inside cake. This is an original creation from Amanda Rettke, blogger and author of the Surprise-Inside Cakes book.

Craftsy Class

Photo from Craftsy

Let me start by saying I have the book and it’s lovely—so many creative cakes! But if you are anything like me, then sometimes you skim over words, so going visual is where you learn twice as quickly.

Rainbow Layers

Photo from Craftsy

Well friends, we are in luck, because Amanda is on Craftsy . If you are a regular reader, then you know I’ve taken their classes before and love them. For those of you new to Craftsy, it’s an online community with top-notch instructors teaching you how to be—well, crafty—be it sewing, knitting, crafting, baking or in this case how to make these fun surprise-inside cakes from Amanda.

Snickers Semifreddo Cake

Some days you are on, and some days—not so much. This shooting of this Snickers Semifreddo cake started off well, but then quickly turned into a mess (see last picture). What’s not a mess—the semifreddo base of this ice cream cake is one of the creamiest!

 Snickers Semifreddo Cake | Bakers Royale

Sadly, you can’t even see how creamy the semifreddo is. Which is a shame because the whole ensemble is awesome—it’s a vanilla semifreddo rippled with chocolate and caramel ribbons, laced with chopped Snickers, encased with brown sugar cake, and frosted with my new favorite frosting creation, chocolate malt buttercream, then drizzled with a chocolate glaze and finished with more chopped Snickers.

Millet Puff Krispie Treats + Giveaway

Think rice krispie treat, but made healthier by flipping it to a millet puff kripsie treat. And you want to know what’s great about these, aside from this being a one bowl, no-bake treat (yeah, one bowl and mix it all up)— you can go crazy mixing and matching for different flavor profiles. For this batch I went wholesome by combining NatureBox snacks with millet puffs, granola and dehydrated strawberries.

 Millet Puff Krispie Treats | Bakers Royale

Look at those babies—you know you want some.

No-Bake Nutella Cheesecake

Today, I’m going bright and airy in aesthetics, sprinkles and cherries for good cheer, and all on a no-bake Nutella cheesecake for fuss-free baking.

No-Bake Nutella Cheesecake | Bakers Royale

I’m keeping it simple around here lately, because I’m drowning in work and giant in size from this huge baby growing in me, so can I please have a pass? Is that terrible to say or what? And probably something I shouldn’t admit to, but I’m not one to glorify busy-ness.