Make-ahead Coffee Cake

The holidays are just around the corner and with that, I’m already planning out my menu. This year I’m hosting Christmas dinner, which means breakfast has to be fast and easy so I can get to dinner prep.

And what can be faster than a make-ahead coffee cake? Okay, maybe a few things like butter and toast, but this is way tastier and almost just as easy.

2014 Holiday Gift Guide with Keep

Are ready for this? Holiday Gift Guide 2014 is now ready. I’ve hand picked kitchen tools for $50 & under, $100 & under and $100 & up, along with tabletop items for $50 & under, $100 & under and $100 & up.

Yes, it’s that time to compile your wish list and start planning your gifts to others. This year, I’m going to help you out and tell you about my new assistant, the Keep app and you’ll see how great this is.

Keep 1

If you aren’t a regular reader, let me tell you—I’m a social media nerd and app addict. Keep plays into both of these vices. Keep is the new way to shop. It let’s you discover, share and buy the latest trends in fashion, home decor, accessories and design.

Carrot Cake Juice

Yes, you read that right, carrot cake juice. What the wha. . .? Yep, I pureed a slice of cake. Grab a straw. Kidding! That would be nothing short of disgusting.

Carrot Cake Juice ~ The new cake-flavored power juice |  Bakers Royale

Nope, this carrot cake juice is made with fruits, a few nuts, spices and honey. Now here’s the secret ingredient that really makes this recipe: granola. It gives the whole ensemble that cake-like taste. I figure if people throw oatmeal in their smoothies, why not granola. And let me tell you, the granola makes this recipe.