Decorated Christmas Tree Cookies

It’s not often that I do iced cookies. Generally, I don’t have the patience for them, but the one time of year I will go crazy with them is Christmas.

Decorated Christmas Tree Cookies with Bakers Royale

I love a well iced cookie, but I as I mentioned, patience for whipping up royal icing, coloring it and then waiting for each color layer to dry isn’t something I’m too wiling to do. Especially, not when I’m knee-deep in deadlines, tired from sleepless nights with an infant and everything else life demands.

Holiday Cookie #6: Cranberry and Pistachio Biscotti

Who is still recovering from Thanksgviing? I certainly am. I ate way too much and stuffed my face with so much pie, I should be done for the holiday season. But let’s be real, I’m not.

Pistachio and Raspberry Biscotti

I am however going to ease up on the high caloric sweets today with this biscotti recipe. These biscotti’s are not the teeth-breaking variation, they are slightly softer, but not so soft you can’t dunk them in your coffee or tea.

Pear and Cranberry Pie

It’s that time of year when pie is everywhere. This year, I’m making a Pear and Cranberry Pie for Thanksgiving—the one you see here. The one with the most buttery and flakiest crust ever.

Pear and Cranberry Pie with Bakers Royale

I’m all about the crust. The filling is good, but the crust is great—it’s what makes or breaks a pie for me. That said, I have a few no-fail rules to share.