Chocolate Mint Brownie Trifles

This Chocolate Mint Brownie Trifle is an easy-to-make St. Patrick’s Day dessert that’s ready to serve in just 15 minutes.


Chocolate Mint Brownie Trifles | Bakers Royale

I don’t know how or when mint became almost synonymous with St. Patrick’s Day, but somehow it has, maybe because it’s green. But if it’s green minty dessert vs. green beer, I’ll take the former any day. Although, I occasionally like a good beer, I’d rather have a gin and tonic. But let’s get off the subject of alcohol because the stuff is banned from my reach for another 10-12 weeks until I birth the little guy in me.

Banana Bars with Rum Frosting

Got spotty bananas?  I’ve got you covered with this 30 minute Banana Bars recipe. It only takes 10 minutes to throw together and not much longer to eat the whole pan.

Banana Bars with Rum Frosting | Bakers Royale

Seriously, I could have polished this whole thing off in one sitting—no lie. I’m definitely going through the golden eating phase of pregnancy. So much so, that I’ve been eating ice cream by the pint, cookies by the bag and cakes by the pan. Only problem . . . 

Gluten-free Blueberry Coffee Cake

Gluten-free coffee cake? Yes, make that a gluten free blueberry coffee cake—and guess what? It’s really good, soft and moist, the streusel is crumbly but not dry and you will never know it’s gluten free. I think the days of sandy or super gummy gluten-free desserts are gone.

Gluten Free Blueberry Coffee-Cake from Bakers Royale


There are so many easy to find gluten-free flours you can work with beyond just gluten-free all purpose flour that you can mix and match to yield a tender crumb. For this recipe I used a combination of gluten-free flour, almond flour and coconut flour — all flours that are relatively easy to find in the health food section of most grocery stores. The only thing that may be a bit harder to find is the xanthum gum for the binding. You don’t need much xanthum gum, but you do need it, so if you buy it, I recommend Hodgson Mill’s brand. Since you only need about 1/4 teaspoon at a time, the 1 tablespoon packets are super handy.

Noodled Zucchini with Pistachio Pesto

You may have seen something very similar to this last week, but I pulled the post so that you actually go buy the magazine (I’ll update you when it hits the newsstands) for the arugula and thyme pesto recipe. Trust me, it’s well worth it and the magazine is great, so you’ll get that recipe along with a load of other recipes— all with nutritional values to boot.

Noodled Zuchinni with Pistachio Pesto | BakersRoyale

Until then, let’s talk about this pistachio pesto. To. die. for. I’m loving this to the point of eating it by the spoonful and dipping my apples in it. Yes, mounds of it on apple slices— it’s damntastic!

Mochaccino Custards

You know that saying about insanity being the definition of doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results? Guilty. Every year in February, I whine and cry about how I’ve fallen behind on my birthday duties. This year was no exception.

Mochachinno Custards | Bakers Royale

Wah. See what I mean? No mercy. No pity. Just sheer exhaustion from overloading my schedule. But if we talk about the baby steps towards fixing this character flaw it’s just likely to further substantiate the whole opening sentence to this post, so let’s talk about food. My happy place.

South-of-the-Border Tom Collins

It’s Friday, whose ready for a cocktail? Yeah, me too, especially this one. It’s got a slight kick of heat from the ancho chile—and you guys know how much I love heat in my cocktails. But I’m prego, so have an extra one for me or else I’m gonna have to force Matt to have another in the absence of you doing so.

South of the Border Tom Collins | Bakers Royale

And that’s not ideal, because he’s not a drinker and it just puts him to bed early—which sucks for me because I’m a late owl.

Strawberry and Jasmine Tea Granita

It’s winter and most of you have been caught up in a blanket of snow, so I decided to give you teeth-clattering, mitten-donning, snow day-offers some more cold with this Strawberry and Jasmine Tea Granita. I know, it makes no sense. But you know the rule here—no promises of any sort, especially sensibility.

Strawberry and Jasmine Tea Granita | Bakers Royale

I will say two things though: (1) strawberry season is just barely starting here in Southern California– so I got overexcited (2) this is actually a recipe shot for a magazine.

Mixed Berry Oatmeal Cake

This Mixed Berry Oatmeal Cake was was actually planned for a later posting, but it was so good I had to post it right away.

Mixed Berry Oatmeal Cake | Bakers Royale

I brought this to Matt’s birthday picnic over the weekend and his sister went crazy for it—and admittedly, more so than what should have been the star of the day–Matt’s  birthday cake—the Coconut Cream Cake. But in my defense, because I feel like I must, they are two very different types of cake, one being very subtly-sweet with bright bursts of berries and the other being much richer. More on this later in the week when I post the Coconut Cream Cake.