Eggs en Cocotte

Eggs en cocotte, sounds sorta fancy, huh? But it’s really nothing more than baked eggs.

ggs en Cocotte ~ An easy breakfast of baked eggs

It’s a simple dish you can quickly throw together, even for a large crowd.

Dulce de Leche Cupcakes

I’ve done it. I’ve finally succumbed to wearing one of those baby slings. With that I’m cheering myself up with copious amounts of sprinkles with these Dulce de Leche Cupcakes.

Dulce de Leche via BakersRoyale

Now, I get it, lots of women wear these things, but for me—I’ve always had such an aversion to them. No need to discuss my non-sensical reasons.

Disney Park Hopper Tickets and Visa Gift Card Giveaway

Let’s celebrate today with an awesome giveaway. That’s right, here’s your chance to win four (4) Disney Park Hopper Tickets PLUS a $1500 Visa Gift Card!!! Seriously, whoa.

Disnye giveaway

The giveaway is being sponsored by Clique Me. It’s a new feature that’s recently been installed here. If you hover over any picture you’ll see a box with a heart and comment box. Go ahead, try it with the picture above.