Citrus and Cranberry Cinnamon Rolls

It’s the season for citrus and cranberry, so like many of you, I’ve paired them together in one sweet dessert. The two flavors provide a nice balance to the sweetness of the cinnamon rolls.

Cranberry and Citrus Cinnamon Rolls with Bakers Royale


Speaking of cinnamon rolls, these are made with Fleischmann’s® Rapid Rise Yeast. Yes, its a bit more work than a non-yeast cinnamon roll variety, but it’s worth it—​the texture is unbeatable—soft and chewy, the way a cinnamon roll is meant to be.

Decorated Christmas Tree Cookies

It’s not often that I do iced cookies. Generally, I don’t have the patience for them, but the one time of year I will go crazy with them is Christmas.

Decorated Christmas Tree Cookies with Bakers Royale

I love a well iced cookie, but I as I mentioned, patience for whipping up royal icing, coloring it and then waiting for each color layer to dry isn’t something I’m too wiling to do. Especially, not when I’m knee-deep in deadlines, tired from sleepless nights with an infant and everything else life demands.

Holiday Cookie #6: Cranberry and Pistachio Biscotti

Who is still recovering from Thanksgviing? I certainly am. I ate way too much and stuffed my face with so much pie, I should be done for the holiday season. But let’s be real, I’m not.

Pistachio and Raspberry Biscotti

I am however going to ease up on the high caloric sweets today with this biscotti recipe. These biscotti’s are not the teeth-breaking variation, they are slightly softer, but not so soft you can’t dunk them in your coffee or tea.