Strawberry Meringue Recipe

I’m a little early for strawberry season, but who can wait when you live in California? Sure it’s not peak season, but they are still darn good. With that, I’m sharing a strawberry meringue recipe.

Strawberry Meringue | Bakers Royale

There is nothing like a good meringue and this recipe hits all the best things: crisp exterior and a chewy inside—all with a swirl of fruity sweetness.

Black and White Brownie Sandwich Cookies

I’m not sure if retooling a recipe for another post is some kind of food blogger faux pas, but I did it. I couldn’t help myself and since we’ve established that I’m not very good at rules and such, I retooled those awesome brownie cookies from Monday into today’s awesome brownie sandwich cookies.

Brownie Sandwich Cookies | Bakers Royale

Along with that, we all know my issue with boredom, so I decided to turn what was left over of the cookies into something new. Something that could sandwich my chocolate malted buttercream and vanilla malted buttercream.

Food Photography Tips for Bloggers: Part 1

If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ll remember a week ago I spoke about writing a few posts regarding my passion for food photography, creative blocks and the need to keep switching things up. Yes, I get easily bored. And there is nothing worse to me than when things get stagnant—and that goes for all things in life.

Coconut Mango Cake _ Smashed via Bakers Royale

It just so happens photography is my biggest passion outside of family and food. With that it plays a key role here. The other reasons for these upcoming postings about photography and creative blocks—I get a lot questions about the photography here.