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Grilled Chicken Banh Mi via Bakers Royale

Grilled Chicken Banh Mi

This Banh Mi sandwich is pretty close to being what I grew up on with a few exceptions: I added a Sriracha mayo, I used grilled chicken vs pork and for the bread I swapped out the French baguette for La Brea’s Reserve Sourdough Demi-Baguette. I prefer the sourdough because it adds a subtle tart…

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Strawberry Power Bowl via Bakers Royale

Strawberry Power Bowl

Strawberry Smoothie Bowl punched up with granola, freeze-dried strawberries mixed in Stonyfield’s plain flavored, Greek yogurt. The freeze dried strawberries gives the yogurt the pretty blush color, but beyond that, freeze dried strawberries (like any freeze dried fruit) adds intensity in flavor. To give the bowl a little sweetness I have gave it a drizzle…

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Funnel Cakes | Bakers Royale

Easy Funnel Cakes Recipe

Here’s how to make homemade funnel cakes: keep it simple and make sure your oil is nice and hot and you can turn out a batch in less than 20 minutes. Leave your calorie counter at the door, because these Funnel Cakes are going to be hard to resist. If you are anything like me,…

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Strawberry Muffins | Bakers Royale

Strawberry Muffins

Strawberry Muffins made with freeze dried strawberries. Here’s the thing with using fresh strawberries in baked goods, they work great in strawberry pie but that’s because it’s usually encased in a sweet jam, but strawberries baked into cakes or cookies fail on almost every level. Mainly because the high moisture content in strawberries are leeched…

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Lace Sugar Cookies via Bakers Royale

Lace Sugar Cookies

Can we talk about these Valentine’s Lace Cookies? I’m so obsessed with them, the sugar cookie itself is lime and pistachio flavored and the top is more of the marshmallow fondant from these Watercolor Painted Sugar Cookies from here.  I finished it by covering the fondant with an edible metallic red paint and then overlaying…

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