Surprise-Inside Cake with a Rainbow Heart

If you tuned in last Saturday, then you know I took the Surprise-Inside Cakes class on Craftsy from Amanda Rettke of I Am Baker to learn how to make her signature surprise-inside heart cake. Well, here is the reveal with an Easter spin on it.

Surprise-Inside Rainbow Heart Cake via Bakers Royale

As mentioned before, not perfect but a good start for my first time.

Easy Cream Puffs

As you can see I’m going through another phase, or I should say back to my sprinkles and cherries. With that, I had to control my urge not to top these easy cream puffs with a big cherry, but I had to make them pretty in pastels for Easter.

Easy Cream Puffs | Bakers Royale

It’s like I get stuck in phases. Right now, I’m back to bright and cheerful color palettes.

Raspberry Cinnamon Twists

Lazy days are hitting me fast and hard as I near the end with this pregnancy. Sometimes I get this crazy feeling to make something multi-step, ie. like last week’s Snickers Semifreddo Ice Cream Cake and I do it. Then other times I realize, ah, crud I’ll have to clean out the refrigerator just to make room for each step—buzz kill.

 Raspberry Twists | A 4-ingredient, 20 minute dessert!

Enter these super easy, face-stuffing, pan-woofing (new term that has Matt looking at me like I’m weird—so, what’s new Babe?) Raspberry Twists. Inspired by these cinnamon roll twists from here. I gave it a tweak with raspberry and gave it a twist instead of a roll. The best part, these only take 5-10 minutes to prep and only four ingredients (even less if you skip the homemade raspberry filling for raspberry jam).