Coq Au Riesling

Sometimes quick meals are in order–okay, most times quick meals are in order, but every once in a while a meal that takes time is worth every minute of it, especially one that takes the time to sweat out chicken fat for flavor.

1 Coq au Riesling by Bakers-Royale

This is one of those meals.

Summer Fruit Spring Rolls

Hello summer in a roll! Seriously, I’m loving this fruity spin on the traditional spring roll. 

Summer Fruit Spring Rolls via Bakers Royale

Sure, a traditionalist might not deem these as actual spring rolls since they are sweet instead of savory, and by traditionalist, I mean my very old-school mom. But then again, I’ve always been the bane of her almost-American assimilation. 

Kahlua Crunch Cake

Kahlua Crunch Cake—grab a spoon and let’s dig in. Chocolate cake is always something I gravitate to.

Kahlua Crunch Cake via Bakers Royale

For this chocolate cake I decided to give it a Kahlúa profile based on the Black Russian Cocktail.