S’mores Cinnamon Roll Cake

You saw the teaser on Instagram, right? Well here‘s the S’mores Cinnamon Roll Cake in all its cavity-inducing sweetness, caloric-ifying glory and grandness.  Open wide because you’ll want to make sure each bite has a balanced ratio of the cinnamon roll that’s been heavily laced with chocolate, graham cracker crumbs and a whopping piece of the puffy marshmallow topping.

Smores Cinnamon Roll Cake from Bakers Royale

Yes, I’m being over the top with my food pushing fat-kid speak.

Peach & Cherry Upside Down Cake

Yep, I’m on a peach and cherry kick. I have so much of these two fruits that if Matt weren’t around to constantly remind he just bought bags full two days ago, I’d be stuck making jam. So to save myself from such a chore (honestly, I hate jamming—I have no patience for it, therefore I suck at it), I’ll be sharing a few more recipes with these two ingredients in the coming weeks.

Peach & Cherry Upside-Down Cake via BakersRoyale

And sure, I’ll break it up with some gut-busting, cavity-inducing recipes in between. If you want to know what I mean, you’ll have to come back tomorrow. Until then, hit the jump here to Better Homes and Gardens’s blog Delish Dish for this recipe.

Strawberry Tuxedo Cake

It’s simple really – I like cake. As a result I do a lot of cakes here, so here’s another for us all to enjoy—strawberry tuxedo cake. This might exist somewhere either under this name or another, but I haven’t Google’d it. For now, I want the vision of this cake as is—as it appears bumping around in my not-so-little head.

Strawberry Tuxedo Cake from BakersRoyale

It’s true, I’m shaped like a bobble head figure, so to compound that, my genetic computation decided to compliment that with a a pair of T-Rex arms. If you’ve seen me, or when you do, take a close look—it’s true and it’s funny, so please hold all comments saying I have a warped body perception. I’m quite happy and amused by my one-of-a-kind body.

Orange & Sage and Lemon & Lavender Vodka Tonic

So this past weekend I was up at Carmel for a family gathering. And the drink below was the weekend sip that has now become Matt’s current favorite. Since he’s not much of a cocktail drinker, this is an easy one for him, being that vodka is almost flavorless. (Yes, that’s how I feel about vodka—flavorless—it has its uses, just not many for me.)

Citrus and Herb Vodka Tonics via Bakers Royale

Of course since we were on a no-work weekend, I wasn’t prepared to shoot. But I couldn’t help myself, the drinks were begging to be shot, so I did what any proper blogger would do and made the best of what was available.

Spicy Margarita (two ways) with Grilled Jalapenos

You know what my problem is? I make absolutely no sense sometimes. Seriously, it’s becoming problematic—or maybe it has been and I’ve been unaware. Just what am I talking about?

Strawberry and Grapefruit Jalapeno Margarita from Bakers Royale

Take a look at the pictures. I finally start to become proficient with shooting food and I decide to throw body parts in the mix. Incorporating people into shots isn’t as easy as it seems. Well at least not for me, there are so many things to wrestle with outside of the usual factors like: keeping food the focus, keeping people from looking too posed and/or paused. Then there’s editing—maybe it’s my crappy skills, but getting skin tone right isn’t as easy as it seems.

Lavender Honey Cupcakes

I know it sounds fancy: lavender-honey cupcakes. Or maybe it’s only fancy to me because I grew up on Jiffy’s blueberry muffin mix that my mom tried to pass off as cupcakes. Seriously, I don’t think I had a real cupcake until I was a teenager.  A teenage discovery that I still celebrate today.

Lavender Honey Cupcakes by Bakers Royale

Now that we’ve closed that tangent, back to what’s at hand. Lavender isn’t something I’m fond of, in fact, I don’t like anything that is too floral in scent or flavor: ie. rose water, hibiscus, cherry blossoms. To that extent I don’t even wear perfume-can’t stand the stuff. And trust me, I’ve tried to like it. After years of trying many samples, I’ve never liked one past five minutes to purchase it.

Sorbet Watermelon Wedges

Okay, so these were suppose to be red, white and blue, but they are red, white and purple. Yes, I made this same mistake last year with this 4th of July dessert. Let’s just add poor memory to the list of my shortcomings. Mess up or not, these are a really fun idea.

Layered Sorbet Watermelon Wedges via Bakers Royale 

Luckily, no one noticed that I was trying to pull off a red, white and blue theme. Everyone seemed to be enamored with the concept of these sorbet watermelon wedges—an unintentional slight of hand, but hey, it worked.

Strawberry Cheesecake Profiteroles

I know profiteroles are suppose to be stuffed with pastry cream, ice cream or some sort of cream. Okay, well cheesecake is made with cream cheese. That counts, right? And if doesn’t, what’s another broken rule? Let’s just agree that pate choux, whether in the form of profiteroles or eclairs, is a vehicle for any type of stuffing.

Strawberry-Cheesecake Filled Profiteroles via BakersRoyale