Blackberry Cinnamon Roll Cake

In case you are wondering—yes, blackberries were on sale. That’s why you are staring at another blackberry recipe on the heels of yesterday’s blackberry custard cake.

Blackberry Cinnamon Roll Cake  Bakers Royale

Blackberry Cinnamon Roll – Way easier than the traditional cinnamon roll and stepped up with a blackberry swirl | Bakers Royale

I also have four more cartons of them in the freezer, so no promises that you won’t see another blackberry recipe coming up soon. 

Blackberry Custard Cake

I’m seriously loving the deep purple color of this custard cake. A custard cake that started off with every intention of being a blueberry magic custard cake—I failed.

Blackberry Custard Cake | Bakers Royale

The layers aren’t distinct like with a traditional magic custard cake, but that’s because I screwed up the order of when to mix the liquids in—twice. And the second time around I ran out of blueberries, so I topped the custard cake with blackberries—even though the cake is colored and flavored with dehydrated blueberries.

Candied Lemon Tarts

If you are a lemon dessert fan, you don’t want to miss out on this easy lemon tart recipe with a shortbread crust. I made this last week for some friends and it was a huge hit, so much so that I’ve been asked to make it again.

Candied Lemon Tart | Bakers Royale

What are friends for, but to eat, laugh and have fun. Okay, so maybe we do a little more eating than we should, and especially lately since I’m pregnant. I swear those around me have gained weight along with me. But you know what that means—we all get to sweat it out together.