Disney Park Hopper Tickets and Visa Gift Card Giveaway

Let’s celebrate today with an awesome giveaway. That’s right, here’s your chance to win four (4) Disney Park Hopper Tickets PLUS a $1500 Visa Gift Card!!! Seriously, whoa.

Disnye giveaway

The giveaway is being sponsored by Clique Me. It’s a new feature that’s recently been installed here. If you hover over any picture you’ll see a box with a heart and comment box. Go ahead, try it with the picture above.

Easy Roasted Carrot Soup Recipe

Lately it’s not unusual for me to start my day with trying to mask the physical manifestations of the sleep-deprived. But let’s face it—concealer is for dabbling, not for smearing over the ever-expanding darks circles under my eyes.

Roasted Carrot Soup via Bakers Royale

I’m not going to complain and whine about how I am knee deep in newborn parenthood, since amazingly, the little dude sleeps through the night.

Kahlúa Crunch Affogato

Summer is upon us and with that, I’m always looking for easy no-bake desserts that are not only delicious, but for something that can pull double duty for easy entertaining—be it scaled up or down—from casual dinner parties to backyard BBQ’s and everything in between.

Kahlúa Crunch Affogato from Bakers Royale

With that, I’ve paired up with Kahlua for their Kahlua Summer Shake-up campaign to inspire you to shake things up this season and do things a little differently.