Strawberry S’mores Bites

Strawberry season is in full swing and I plan on keeping my refrigerator fully stocked until the end of it. Yep, I’m setting you up for a slew of strawberry recipes, like this one and few more.

Strawberry Smores by Bakers Royale

For today, I’m keeping it simple with these Strawberry S’mores Bites. If you need any more convincing, these are great for entertaining—easy to make and always impressive. But it’s hard to go wrong with toasted marshmallow frosting and dipped chocolate.

Brownie and Oatmeal Monster Cookies

I’m going to tell you right off—make these! They are insanely good. Think of it as a black and white cookie but with half of it being a brownie cookie from here and the other half being the oatmeal cookie from here. From there I decided to give it a caloric pump by making it a monster cookie with added chocolate chips, Pretzel M&Ms, and chocolate covered pretzels.

Brownie and Oatmeal Monster Cookies | Bakers Royale

I know caloric overkill, but that’s a theme here now and again—load up on the butter and sugar, then find your balance with the healthy savory recipes from around here. Yep, I have total polar opposite taste when it comes to sweet and savory.

Coconut and Raspberry Flan

Yes, this is a flan, minus the traditional caramel coat that usually floats on top. I swapped that out for a raspberry glaze. You know me, I have no sense, I’m always tweaking things to see the outcome.

 Coconut Raspberry Flan | Bakers Royale

And I have to say, I’m liking this version, especially since this isn’t just any ordinary flan, it’s a coconut flan and makes for a killer pairing with the raspberries.