Halibut Ratatouille

I didn’t actually intend on posting this Halibut Ratatouille today, since this is a baking blog and I try to keep the savory in check. But when you drop ready-to-shoot cake, you scream, you sigh–and maybe shout a few unsavory words as you clean it up.

Halibut Ratatouille | Bakers Royale

Yup, it’s been a week of messy food clean up. But that’s what happens when you are learning to juggle an infant in one hand and multi-tasking something in the other.

Lemon Curd

Summer is in full swing around here, so if there are shortcuts to be had or early prep that can be done—I’m there. With that, lemon curd is one of those components you can make ahead of time and store in your refrigerator for all kinds of recipes you can throw together last minute.

lemon-curd copy

If you have never made lemon curd, check out this recipe from Craftsy here. It’s easy to make and easy to follow. For those of you new to Craftsy, it’s an online community with top-notch instructors teaching you how to be—well, crafty—be it sewing, knitting, crafting, baking and more 

Vanilla Panna Cotta Recipe with a Strawberry Sauce

This easy panna cotta recipe is one of those desserts you can throw together in a matter of minutes—minutes. That leaves a lot of time to do a lot of other things. Like clean up a carton of eggs that fell on your kitchen floor, start dinner over because you burnt it while cleaning up the spilled eggs.

Panna Cotta via Bakers Royale

Now, I’m naturally a clumsy person, but overloaded and pressed for time, I’m like a klutz in overdrive. It’s seriously amazing that I haven’t had a worst kitchen disaster than spills and minor burns.