Thanksgiving Appetizer: DIY Tartlet Bar

I’m going to switch gears a bit today and do some holiday appetizers. Next to dessert, appetizers are my favorite thing to make. It’s the preamble to all good meals and it’s a great way to get the party started, especially if you set up a DIY tartlet bar.

DIY Tartlet Bar via Bakers Royale

I love this idea. It gets everyone moving and talking.

Snickers Silk PIe

Oh hey, it’s pie time. And with the oven being a hot commodity during the holidays, I thought I’d share an incredibly easy to-make, no-bake, show-stopping pie.

Snickers Silk Pie ~ The ultimate creamy no-bake, easy-to-make pie with a layer of dark chocolate, peanut butter and caramel, then rimmed with chopped Snickers.

This is also my entry for  Better Homes and Gardens’ Christmas Baking Contest.

Blueberry Scones

You know what it’s like the day after Thanksgiving—sluggish from the previous night’s feast. And especially if you did the lion’s share of the cooking, tired from bustling between food prep, hosting and maybe cleaning.

Blueberry Scones via Bakers Royale

So here to help you with the day-after breakfast meal is an easy, make-ahead scone.