Classic Margarita {re-mixed}

Re-mixed? Yup. Re-mixed. I love a good classic margarita, not the icy kind and not with salt. Nope. I want it on ice and no salt. And until recently, no Cointreau or triple sec. In fact, that portion is swapped out for some club soda.

Classic Margarita via Bakers Royale

My brother-in-law made this for me a few weeks back and I’ve been working on replicating it ever since. It’s the best margarita I’ve ever had. 

Tomato Soup Cupcake

Oh yes, you read that right— Tomato Soup Cupcake. Some of you maybe familiar with this retro cupcake, but if you are like me, by that I mean: Asian, obsessive about all the wrong things, born in the 70′s with main-stream cultural reference points starting in the 90′s (so I’m a late bloomer in this area, my parents were strict), these might be totally novel to you.

Tomato Soup Cupcake ~ Tomato Soup Cupcake ~ A retro cupcake that that'll surprise with its sweetness and tender crumb.

Okay, you can be minus all that and still have it be novel to you. And if they are, you have to admit your curiousity is peaked.

Whole Grain 101 with Cooking Light

Let’s get a little healthy, okay a lot healthy with some easy great tasting ways to incorporate whole grains into almost any meal. It’s a great way to offset all our desserts.

Whole Grain 101 with Cooking Light

Photo by Craftsy

Balance. It’s all about balance.