Holiday Happiness

Let’s talk about work and doing it from a happy place.


Everyone has one, mine just so happens to be where my shooting takes me. Outside of shooting for the blog in and around my home, I’m on location as projects dictate.

Christmas Tree Cookie Stack

This year, with my little guy being older, I’ve roped him into more the holiday baking. To keep him in interested, we taken on a few more crafty cookies, but I’ve kept the decorating – easy, fun and doable – like this stacked Christmas trees.

It’s simple to assemble and provides so much fun for kids. It’s a cinch to make, and looks great. But I think Cole’s favorite part of it he can pick off the cookies one-by-one and eat them.

Holiday Dessert Table

Nine days and counting—who’s excited? I’m can’t even tell you enough how much I love Christmas. It’s my favorite time of year, so naturally I’m always ready for the festivities. Being prepared is another matter. I’m behind schedule with work and it’s looking more and more like I will be working on pruning back the ever-growing deadlines until Christmas Eve.

See how to create the perfect dessert table

With that,  I will be supplementing my Christmas day dessert table with some of the goodies you see here.