Raspberry Pistachio Eton Mess

Get your fancy pants on, we are doing an raspberry pistachio eton mess today with a hit of pretty from some edible flowers.


Raspberry Pistachio Eton Mess_ Bakers Royale

If you’ve never made or had this, let me start by saying this impressive looking dessert is easy to make.

Chocolate Coconut Haystacks

Let’s keep it simple today and make a simple candy—2 ingredients and 10 minutes from from start to finish—coconut haystacks.

So being that this is only a two-ingredient dessert, don’t skimp on those two ingredients. Use a high quality chocolate, my personal preference always leads me to  Valhrona for the dark chocolate (or milk chocolate if that is your preference) and for the white chocolate I like Callebaut best. And for just a few of them, I sprinkled some freeze-dried raspberries on top for added flavor and punch in color.


Chocolate Coconut Haystacks | Bakers Royale

Cashew Pudding with Raspberry Granola

You know what it’s like, the hurried morning routine of getting ready for the day. I’m sure I can’t be the only one that at one point or another struggles with finding time fit in breakfast.

Dairy Free Cashew Pudding with Raspberry Granola | Bakers Royale

And if you are anything like me, same goes for lunch. If I don’t have something pre-made and ready to go, I end up skipping breakfast or lunch, sometimes both. Eek.