Tangerine Butter Cookies

Even though it was in the 90′s this last week, I fired up the oven to bake these babies. Had to. I was craving it, and I’ve had it bookmarked for so long.

Tangerine Butter Cookies by Bakers Royale

I’ll admit the idea of a tangerine cookie was the first thing to hook me, but I bookmarked it because I was so curious to see how olive oil would bake up in a cookie. Olive oil in a cake is killer, and I use it often, but olive oil in cookies is new to me.

Lime and Hibiscus Madeleines

This classic French madeleine recipe is a favorite in my house. In fact it’s one of the first things I baked for Matt. While he refers to them as cookies, as do many others, they are actually little French butter cakes.

Hibiscus and Lime Madeines via Bakers Royale

Cakes, cookies—whatever. I’m just happy he enjoys them as much as I do. But what’s not to like about a tiny, butter-rich cake that’s browned and crisp on the outside and soft and spongy on the inside?

How to make Perfect Pizza at Home

Oh, hey lookie here, Craftsy is offering a FREE how-to Perfect Pizza class. And it’s taught by one of my favorite bakers Peter Reinhart.
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His class will teach you how to stretch your dough and your imagination. Peter Reinhart guides you through each step of making a pizza. You’ll learn how to make pizza sauces, choose the right cheese and bake five types of dough. You’ll learn everything from how to make a Sicilian-style pizza to homemade pies and gluten-free options.