Brownie and Oatmeal Monster Cookies

I’m going to tell you right off—make these! They are insanely good. Think of it as a black and white cookie but with half of it being a brownie cookie from here and the other half being the oatmeal cookie from here. From there I decided to give it a caloric pump by making it a monster cookie with added chocolate chips, Pretzel M&Ms, and chocolate covered pretzels.

Brownie and Oatmeal Monster Cookies | Bakers Royale

I know caloric overkill, but that’s a theme here now and again—load up on the butter and sugar, then find your balance with the healthy savory recipes from around here. Yep, I have total polar opposite taste when it comes to sweet and savory.

Coconut and Raspberry Flan

Yes, this is a flan, minus the traditional caramel coat that usually floats on top. I swapped that out for a raspberry glaze. You know me, I have no sense, I’m always tweaking things to see the outcome.

 Coconut Raspberry Flan | Bakers Royale

And I have to say, I’m liking this version, especially since this isn’t just any ordinary flan, it’s a coconut flan and makes for a killer pairing with the raspberries.

Strawberry Upside-Down Cake . . . and then some

I know a meringue topping is a bit untraditional for an upside down cake. Along with that, I wanted a stronger strawberry flavor to come through, so I added the strawberry syrup. You don’t need it, but it sure adds a punch to the cake.

Upside Down Strawberry Cake via Bakers Royale

And because I’m a contributor for The Kitchn, I created the recipe for them, so hit the jump here to grab the remainder of this post and the recipe.