Maple Pumpkin Brulee Cheesecake

I know, I’m on a pumpkin kick. What blogger isn’t right? Tis the season, but more so, it’s one of the few flavors I can really enjoy right now, even if it’s just in small doses. With that, I thought I would share one of our family favorites—and that is saying a lot, considering how the boys aren’t sweet eaters.

Pumpkin Brulee Cheesecake via Bakers Royale

Some big news. . .

If you are regular reader than you may have noticed things have been spotty around my social media channels. Sure I’ve been pushing out one post after another as usual, but in terms of activity elsewhere—I could hardly find the energy. There’s a reason for that.


I’m having a baby! Matt and I are so excited. The boys are thrilled and have already placed their order for a baby sister. Matt and I, like any parents, just want a healthy baby, especially after trying for several months now. What we can all agree on is that, we can’t wait to meet the newest member of our family on May 28th—which by the way seems like almost an eternity. Even more so when I tell you this—the hardest part all this excitement: the smell of mixed butter and sugar makes me sick. Seriously. I can’t even get over this part. How does that happen?

Pumpkin Caramel Whoopie Pies

Seems like I’m on a run of classics lately. I’m not sure what it is, but when I’m not feeling well I seem to go back to basics. For this one I used Martha Stewart’s pumpkin whoopie pie recipe.

Pumpkin Whoopie Pie via Bakers Royale

The only thing I changed was to add 4 tablespoons of homemade caramel to the filling and finished the pumpkin whoopie pies with a caramel glaze and some crushed toffee for a little crunch.

Cake Decorating Basics

If you are regular reader than you know I’m all about cakes. Making them, eating them and sometimes smashing them. If you aren’t a reader, than let’s catch-up later. For now we are going to talk about my obsession with becoming a better cake maker. Sure I have the baking part down, the buttercream down—what I don’t have down: finishes, as in beautifully decorated cakes.


I decided it was time to get busy and learn it. With that I signed up for Craftsy, an online community with top-notch instructors teaching you how to be—well, crafty—be it sewing, knitting, crafting, baking or in my case a better cake crafter. Along with that they also have classes from some favorites like Peter Reinhart, Alice Medrich and Maggie Austen.

Boston Cream Pie

It’s no secret that I’m a big cake lover. Give me just about any type and I’ll have it. I may have some reluctance when it comes to carrot cake, but that’s only because I’m very picky about that one (more on that in another post). Other cakes-nope. It’s all about what I’m in the mood for.

Boston Cream Pie via Bakers Royale

Of course, my mind drifted to chocolate – always. But chocolate these days seems to be taking a back seat (more on that in another post as well). With that in mind, I went for a classic. This Boston Cream Pie fit the bill—uncomplicated, rich in vanilla with the pastry cream, and perfect in texture—bodied, but not heavy; light but not airy.  Of course I did give it a chocolate ganache vs. a chocolate glaze – for an added chocolate richness. I figured small bites of chocolate like that would be tolerable.

Pumpkin S’more Doughnut Muffin

Muffin and doughnut? Yep, that pretty much means we are having it for breakfast. I love a good doughnut muffin. Although I find many of them to be more muffin in texture than doughnut, while being more doughnut in flavor than muffin. Mine’s no exception.

Pumpking Smore Dougnut Muffin via Bakers Royale

I actually started out with a doughnut recipe for the body, but then just ended up using my recipe from here - stuffing it with some Hershey bars, rolling the whole thing in sugar once baked and topping it with toasted marshmallow. Of course, if you want to short cut the recipe, you can skip the homemade marshmallow spread by placing  mini marshmallows on top and toasting it in the oven under the broiler or using a handheld torch.

Chocolate Swirl Meringue Cookies

I talk a lot about blogging, my creative deficits, life deficiencies, and some about my family. The other day, someone near and dear said I’m super hard on myself in all those areas. Maybe.

Chocolate Swirl Meringue via Bakers Royale

That got me thinking about, well what do you write about it when you blog? The food—okay, sometimes, but too much of it and—boring . My life—how completely self-indulgent, who cares. My struggles—wow, how self-aggrandizing. So where does that leave me in terms of writing content?

Brown Sugar Ice-Box Cookies

I have been blogging, for what—three years now? I’m hardly an expert, but I do have certain expectations of myself. Primarily that I should be able to set-up, shoot and edit in half the time than a year ago.

Brown Sugar Ice Box Cookies via Bakers Royale

Well, since I’ve failed myself on that, we might as well do another reality check. Cookies. Yep, cookies. Bake them-sure. Develop a recipe-got it. Shoot them—dang, they are a pain to shoot. Truly and honestly I’d rather shoot a banana—okay, not really—I’m being overly dramatic.