Nespresso VertuoLine Review

It seems like I’m all about entertaining lately, especially now that it’s summer and everyone’s kids are out on break.


With that, the kids are popping in-and-out from one home to the next as me and the other moms coordinate get-togethers while the kids play.By get together, I mean, us moms relaxing, catching up over coffee and light bites.  I’m all about celebrating simplicity and ease of entertaining. And that’s where my Nespresso VertuoLine comes into play.

It’s the newest machine by Nespresso that produces an 8oz. coffee cup, while still having all its espresso capabilities of previous models. Along with that, the machine boasts a centrifusion technology that extracts maximum flavor. Additionally, the VertuoLine pods come in different flavors, strengths and sizes. The pods have a bar code around the rim that allows the machine to read the pod and brew it according to type (coffee or espresso) and blend (click here for the full collection).


So you can see when it’s my turn to entertain the moms while the kids play, I center my food and beverage coffee and dessert. This way the Nespresso is my “butler” since everyone can help themselves with a push of a button. And the dessert – always finger food. I’m all about self-service, this way I can stay fully engaged without being a part-time server.


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