Holiday Gift : The Ultimate Gift Basket For The Baker In Your Life

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Today I’m sharing with you how to give the ultimate gift basket to the baker in your life. Sure everyone probably has a whisk, a hand held mixer, or they may even have a stand mixer on hand, but I’m going to show you how to give that seasoned baker an upgrade. Of course small note on the gift basket – I couldn’t find a big enough basket to fit all this, so if you do – let the rest of us know in the comment section. For now let’s talk about the goods.


Let’s start with the Cuisinart mixer. The ultimate kitchen appliance for the baker. This is your workhorse. It will mix, it will knead—it will make magic and that is not an overstatement. It can pull off everything from cakes to cookies, to confectionary wonders and knead bread for you like a master bread artisan.


Next up the Cuisnart Waffle Iron. This is a must have. It’s great for brunch, whether you go for a sweet or savory waffle. But more than just waffles you can ‘waffle’ just about anything. If you are wondering what I mean, just Google. ‘waffled pizza’.


Now that you have the necessary appliances down, let’s talk about tools. Tools like the cakestand, because the ultimate baker needs something elegant like the one in the photo. It’s versatile enough to use for any occasion. And while we are talking about tools, you might as well throw in these fun decorative measuring cups that are not only utilitarian but will also look great out on display.


If you really want to go the distance, throw in some kitchen towels while you are shopping for all if this at Walmart and then sit back and take in the joy and happiness the baker in your life will experience as they receive these gifts.




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