Holiday Gift: Nespresso 2017

**This is a sponsored post in partnership with Nespresso. All opinons are my own**

My casual coffee-drinking husband always gives me that questioning look when I walk out of the Nespresso store with two large bags full of capsules. It’s my favorite beverage to enjoy and I’m a Nespresso  die-hard, so I always pick up the classic blends as well as any seasonal or limited featured blends.

Nespresso 2017 | Bakers Royale

I love the taste first and foremost, second to that I’m a big fan of their design work. From the machines to the capsules I love everything about it—the details, the color, the branding – I’m a sucker for it all. So when Nespresso asked me to partner with them this holiday season to show how there is a machine for everyone. I said yes faster than it took me to brew my next espresso. 

Let’s give the coffee lover in your life an upgrade! You may not know their specific coffee drinking habits, but you do know their style, passion and how they live their life. And that’s all you need to know when you pair that with what Nespresso has to offer.

Nespresso Citz | Bakers Royale

I could tell you a lot of reasons why they are the best, but for the sake of brevity, and because not everyone geeks out over things like how many bars of pressure a machine has, I’ll go through it bullet style. The list below is specifically for my favorite Nespresso – the Citz. It’s the best personalized holiday gift for The Minimalist in your life.

  • The capsules easily insert and eject.
  • Auto off after 9 minutes of inactivity.
  • The sealed and recyclable aluminum capsules lock in freshness and provide exceptional taste.
  • 19 bar high-pressure pump for a dense crema
  • Fast 25 second heat-up.
  • programmable buttons for Espresso and Americano style sizes. Foldable drip tray for different cup sizes.
  • Nespresso coffee capsules are 100% recyclable aluminum and have made into items like bicycles, art, peelers and Victorinox knives and the coffee grounds are 100% compostable.
  • Recyclingbags are provided. Once the bag is filled, it can be dropped of at any UPS location for a no-charge return (excludes Hawaii and Alaska) or at any Nespresso Boutique drop-off station.

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Quality + design is the reason why I keep gifting Nespresso to all my coffee-loving friends and family. Let’s be real, gifting can be stressful, so I’m all for Nespresso creating a gifting page that matches a machine to a personality—click, match and done. Trust me, the coffee lover in your life will thank you.


You may notice that two of the personalities look familiar. I helped them style the Minimalist and the Adventurer and they shot in my home! The two personalities were perfect representations of Matt’s and my style. I’m definitely more of a Minimalist – I prefer a clean aesthetic with lots of white, while Matt is more of an Adventurer and prefers bold colors and styling.


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  1. Avatar for Naomi RobinsonKaren Wood says

    Hmm. i think you made me want one. I drink coffee all day. I’m make drip coffee but I don’t use a machine. I can see myself using The Minimalist, and possibly graduating to The Artiste. Good review.


  2. Avatar for Naomi RobinsonSusan says

    I love, love, love my Nespresso coffee maker. Take it with me when I travel so I’m sure to get the best tasting coffee.


  3. Avatar for Naomi RobinsonJennifer Farley says

    I’m basically obsessed with my Nespresso. I don’t have to think about making espresso before I’ve had caffeine, it makes THE SMOOTHEST lattes ever… and they recycle! What’s not to love?


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