For Consumption: Pinterest

Get your eye candy viewing glasses on. In lieu of a recipe post, I want to share with you guys my latest web addiction: Pinterest.

Pinterest_Bakers Royale


It’s been a while since I’ve done a “For Consumption” post. There’s a reason for that. Since Pinterest came around I’ve been bookmarking and sharing the things I love over there. Pinterest is a place where you can visually bookmark the things you love from around the web by pinning them to boards you create. It’s like Tumblr meets Stumble.

If you take a look at mine you’ll see that of course, I got completely anal and had to get granular and break out my desserts by category. Same thing with the savory stuff and that goes for the photography and design stuff as well. Here’s the reason I’m sharing my boards with you. . .  I see lots of cool food and interesting stuff by lots of very creative people. They are things that I want to try, things that inspire me; or that I think you may like or may inspire you, i.e. I pin a lot of peanut butter stuff that I can’t eat, but I know many of you can and I think many of you may like.

Hopefully, the boards will also introduce you to new blogs like they have me.

A little bit about my boards: Of course I have sweet and savory up there by category. Along with that I also added dessert boards according to holidays. So if you are in need of some Halloween inspired desserts check out some of the fun and creative things I bookmarked on my Dessert Holiday: Halloween board.

You will also find a board called “Bites from Bakers Royale” this is a board of my recipes found here on the blog. I created this board since many of you have emailed and asked for a recipe index or a recipe gallery. This seems to be the best and easiest solution for the time being, since the blog re-design is on hold.

As for all the non-food related boards like the ones on photography, graphic design, infographics, style and all the others—those are boards where I bookmark things that capture my interest.

If you are on Pinterest, shout your profile in the comments so we can all follow one another.

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  1. says

    Pinterest is a dangerous, dangerous addiction. I find myself losing hours and entire chunks of my day to that site, lol. I love it and have found some awesome stuff there, but oy, gotta be careful or I never leave, hehe.


  2. says

    I’m glad you posted this! I’m always looking for other “pinners” to follow. My username on Pinterest is Kimiko DeLaVega so follow me there if you’d like! :)


  3. says

    I just got on Pinterest the other day and have become obsessed, as have so many others. If I don’t have Internet, that’s okay – it’s on my iPhone.

    My profile is wanderluck, look me up!


  4. says

    Oh, I hear you all saying “addiction,” “obsessed,” “get sucked into,” and I know I should RUN. But instead I will join you, of course. Heading to Pinterest now. :-)


  5. says

    I’m still trying my hardest to not sign up over there. I know you have to request an invite and maybe that little part is whats helping to keep me from taking part over there. I know in time I’ll probably cave but it’ll be even longer before I admit it when it happens 😉 I do like your idea of using it as a visual index though! I’ve been trying to sort of do that over on facebook but it’s obviously not as nice.


  6. Lisa Denny says

    I Love Love Love Pinning…. I spend Hours Im Talking Hours Pinning… You can find me by My name Lisa Denny


  7. says

    I’m so glad you’re on Pinterest! Just so you know, my Frozen Deliciousness board was totally inspired by your Poptails. It’s been so much fun following your blog…I’m sure your boards will be just as inspiring!


  8. says

    I love having a visual board to look at instead of my list of bookmarks that I’ve mostly forgotten about. I’m jillacox, and I’ll be following you soon!


  9. gila says

    thank you!!! all of them looking so good!!! i think if i will try to do even half of them – its will be for year or more! Love the Small bites. thnk you


  10. says

    This site looks great! Just signed up after reading this post – looks totally addicting! I’m GailWaterhouse – will be following you and the others who have commented here soon!


  11. Amanda says

    I just joined Pinterest a couple of weeks ago and am loving it!
    I don’t have much worth following yet but you’re welcome to follow anything you like of mine. My username is bonesmccoy.
    Happy pinning!


  12. Lacey says

    I’m SO addicted to Pinterest!! I just started following you & will probably repin all of your stuff lol. It all looks so good! My name is Lacey Khoury if you want to follow back.


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