For Consumption: Gold Digga!

If you don’t know me personally, I should tell you I’m not a flashy or bling type of person. But every once in a while I’ll see something and I will just love the boldness of it-gold being one of them. Gold is a funny thing though, it can go from good to gaudy faster than you can say capish.

The milk jug . . . well I’m still on the fence about it—good or gaudy? Either way, I hope  you enjoy the rest of this inspiration board.

For Consumptio Gold1

Clockwise: 1. Dauville Gold Brush Bowls 2. Milk Carton Jug Gold by Seletti 3. Gold Chisel Martini Glasse 4. Gold Cutlery

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  1. Avatar for Naomi Robinson says

    I saw that jug when I was out shopping the other day and fell in love with it! I do think it’s gaudy but that’s why I like it, I’ve got lots of sensible, plain tableware so every so often it’s nice to get something bold and showy.