Festive Finds with Nespresso and Sur la Table

Do you know what the best thing about partnering with Nespresso and Sur la Table is for their Festive Finds campaign? I got to engage in one of my favorite things to do—drink coffee—and lots of it. And of course share with you guys what I’m loving this season.

Coffee Testing

Let me start by saying I drink coffee for the taste not the caffeine. I mean look at all those glasses? I was busy! Busy checking out Nespresso’s new VertuoLine System. It’s my number one Festive Find at Sur la Table.

Red VertuoLine System

I’m all about celebrating simplicity and in every way, so whether it’s entertaining or gift giving, Nespresso’s VertuoLine System has you covered.

The VertuoLine Sytstem brews American-style large-cup coffee and authentic espresso at the touch of a button. For the geek in you (and in me), the machine is also outfitted with a centrifusion technology that extracts maximum flavor. And like all the other Nespresso lines, the new VertuoLine capsules come in a variety of different flavors and strengths. The capsules have a bar code around the rim that allows the machine to read the capsules and brew it according to type (coffee or espresso). How geeky cool is that?!


Want to really play barista or make someone your barista? Yes, than you’ll want to get the Nespresso Aeroccino+ Milk Frother. The Aeroccino is an automatic milk frother, that creates light hot or cold milk froth. Just pour in some fresh milk and press the button. A few quiet “whooshes” and the Aeroccino+ delivers an exceptional quality milk froth for your lattes, cappuccinos or any other creative coffee drinks to suit your needs.

Aeroccino+ Milk Frother

Speaking of coffee to suit your needs. The Nespresso capsules can be ordered on line or purchased from any of their boutiques. I have to admit, I really like going into their store and seeing the wall to wall of colorful capsules. It’s like a being in a candy store for a coffee lover like me.

Nespresso Wall

Nespresso Glass Case

Now that I’ve put you in the know for this one of my favorite must-have holiday kitchen tools, go add this to your wishlist.


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  1. Avatar for Naomi Robinson says

    As a former “Coffee Master” for Starbucks..yes, I trained 6 months for that title and black apron, I completely love the fact that you sipped and tasted all of that coffee. I would too! I just love it. Gorgeous machine too!