Disney Park Hopper Tickets and Visa Gift Card Giveaway

Let’s celebrate today with an awesome giveaway. That’s right, here’s your chance to win four (4) Disney Park Hopper Tickets PLUS a $1500 Visa Gift Card!!! Seriously, whoa.

Disnye giveaway

The giveaway is being sponsored by Clique Me. It’s a new feature that’s recently been installed here. If you hover over any picture you’ll see a box with a heart and comment box. Go ahead, try it with the picture above.

The concept is simple. If you like the picture, click on the heart. Additionally, if you want to leave comment than click on the comment box and do so.

Clique Me 2

Now, here’s another cool thing about me Clique Me—it’s gone mobile. And it works pretty much the same way, the only difference is to “like” a photo—just double tap it. No need for any special apps or downloads.

Clique Me 1

To get started, grab a username and register with CliqueMe. Of course it’s free and super easy to sign up. To further simplify things, once you are signed in, you’ll stay signed in until you log out. And psst . . . since it’s still fairly new, you can probably still get your first name or any handle you choose. Now, go ahead, and get started so we can start interacting.

Clique Me 3

As for the giveaway, here are the details:

I’ve partnered up with some of my favorite blogs who all have CliqueMe. We’re bringing you the ultimate summer vacation giveaway.

One lucky Grand Prize Winner will receive:

  1. Four (4) 1-Day Park Hopper Tickets to Disney World OR Disneyland. YOUR choice!!
  2. $1500 Visa Gift Card

Here’s how to enter: 

Use CliqueMe to “Like” one photo on each of the following blogs:

Kevin & Amanda
Bakers Royale
Cookies and Cups
Foodie Crush
Gimme Some Oven
Lauren’s Latest
Oh Sweet Basil
Picky Palate
Two Peas & Their Pod

You can like any photo you want, just be sure to like one from each blog above to be entered. If the heart turns red, that means you’ve liked it. That’s it!

Note: CliqueMe loads after everything else on the page loads, so it make take a minute for the CliqueMe overlay to appear on some blogs. Just wait for the page to fully load, then keep an eye out for the heart and comment box! :) If you still can’t see it on your desktop browser, try using Chrome or Firefox. CliqueMe isn’t compatible with older versions of Internet Explorer.

Contest ends June 29th, 2014 at 11:59 pm CST. Winner will be notified by email, so be sure to sign up with CliqueMe using a valid email address.

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  1. Avatar for Naomi RobinsonDesiree H says

    Ive never had carrot soup. It looks interesting! :) Thanks for sharing.
    Thanks for the giveaway, I love CliqueMe and think its awesome. Id love to take my twins to Disney! If I won, I would use some of the money towards Disney for my twins and the rest I would give to my mom when she comes out here across country to visit next month.
    Thanks so much for the chance! This would be life changing :)