Corona Beer Popsicles

Corona Beer Pops ~ Drink, lick or bite-now you have options for how you want to have your “cold one”. These Corona Beer Popsicles are one my favorite summer dessert recipes. Alright, it’s not a recipe, but it is a fun and easy entertaining idea for a summer barbeque or for a Cinco de Mayo dessert.

Corona Beer Popsicles

Corona Beer Popsicles

These are so much fun, and of course, they are a huge hit wherever they go. If you make these, make a lot, they go quick!

No recipe, just a short post for a super easy entertaining idea that should be right in line with your Cinco de Mayo or next pool party.

Here’s how to make Corona Beer Pops:

Open a bottle and pour it into any form, wait 2 hours for it to solidify slightly and insert a  popsicle stick and freeze for another 2 hours or until becomes solid.

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