Cocktail Popsicles: Dark and Stormy Red Velvet Popsicles

I know its popsicle madness here. I promise to ease up on these and get back to sugar and butter. But before I do, let’s share another ginger beer recipe.

Dark and Stormy Cocktail Popsicle_

Dark and Stormy Cocktail Popsicle

As I mentioned before, I’m late to the ginger beer party and playing catch up, so here’s one for you that involves red velvet apricots.

I guess I’m late here too, but these red apricots are totally new to me, if they are to you too, black velvet apricots might be as well. And yes, they really are tagged with velvet in the name. Smart – it gives an added edge from just a plain ol’ name like red and black apricots. Who knew apricots came in any other variation than the orange-hued variety.

So how do red velvet apricots compare against the traditional ones? Hit the jump to Endless Simmer to find out and to grab the recipe for these Red Velvet Dark and Stormy Cocktail Popsicles.

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