Melon Berry Diablo Cocktail Popsicle

Okay, let’s get the food business out of the way, I have a little rant today. This week’s cocktail popsicle is built on a tequila’d base honeydew body that’s  mixed with ginger beer and softly stirred with a raspberry cassis syrup that turns the classic Diablo into a summer sweet cocktail popsicle.

Melon Berry Diablo Bakers Royale1

Melon Berry Diablo

Now the rant: There are such things as open-ended answers, but there should not be open ended opinions—especially when it comes to my food. You like it, you don’t—here’s why and there you have it, end of story. I don’t mind if people don’t like something, but—back. it. up.  No sucker punches please.

The other day a co-worker told me my cocktail popsicles were interesting. Interesting? Interesting, like James Bond style interesting or ambivalent interesting?

All snark aside, I’m welcome criticism I just like it qualified. Otherwise I will have to insist that you actually try one my cocktail popsicle and then we can chat between licks.

Hit the jump to grab the Melon Berry Diablo recipe.

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  1. Avatar for Naomi Robinson says

    I hate it when people say, “interesting”. They should just say that’s amazing, good, okay, fair, poor, or awful. Interesting gives me so little to work with! These look perfect for a summer evening!

  2. Avatar for Naomi Robinson says

    My guess is that she’s/he’s probably jealous, or just plain doesn’t appreciate food!! Because they’re always fantastic and SO creative.

  3. Avatar for Naomi Robinson says

    These sound amazing, Naomi! And I love “poptail.” I’m totally with you on the “interesting” issue–I would feel exactly the same way. I’d pretty much give anything for one of these right now! xo