Cocktail Popsicle: Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary on  a  stick? Hell yeah, baby! I’m in love with this week’s cocktail popsicle. There’s something very exciting about having a popsicle hit your tongue with a surprising turn of savory and spicy instead of sweet and fruity. Trust me when I say you will be welcoming this unexpected kicked-up popsicle.

Blood Mary Cocktail Popsicle

Blood Mary Cocktail Popsicle

Now can someone please explain to why Bloody Marys are reserved for Sunday brunch or for hangovers? Seriously, do I need reason to have one or do I have to wait for the anointed day.

I don’t think so. And so what if I was drinking it straight from a  large measuring cup between pouring it into the popsicle the night before at  9:30pm. The only person there to judge me was my brother-in-law and he’s way too nice to ever say anything. I’m just going to pretend the skeptical “Is she a lush?” look on his face was an eye twitch.

Hit the jump over to Endless Simmer for my recipe write-up for this week’s Bloody Mary Cocktail Popsicle.

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  1. barak says

    bloody mary on a popsicle :) haha i imagine all the summer parties im gonna eat that popsicle. is the alcohol works the same on the body? How about jack daniel on a popsicle?


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