Chocolate Whopper Cake

So I’m a little predictable—it doesn’t matter that I’ve made over a dozen different types of chocolate cake, I’m always ready to take on a recipe I’ve never tried. The Whopper cake is comprised from two Better Homes and Gardens recipe. Chocolate Whopper Cake via Bakers Royale

The first recipe calls for a malt frosting finish, but I skipped that for a richer chocolate taste, so I used their traditional chocolate ganache and then rimmed the side of the cake with crushed Whoppers for the malt flavoring.

Chocolate Whopper Cake from Bakers Royale

Like most BHG recipes, this one is highly adaptable. If Whoppers aren’t your thing, make it your own by crushing up your favorite candy for the rimming.

To get started click here for the recipe.

As always, if I can please ask you guys–if you are going to pin any of the images please do so from Better Homes and Gardens and not here, since the recipes reside over there. Thanks!



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