Brulee Baked French Toast

So you have your holiday menus worked out, right? Well I’m going to give you reason to pause and maybe rethink your planned menu with this make-ahead baked French toast casserole.

Brulee Baked French Toast via Bakers Royale11

Brulee Baked French Toast

 Let’s agree this is going to be killer, no waxing on with the standard food descriptors. I’m just going to say, every Better Homes and Garden recipe I’ve made has been solid. That said, I made just a few tweaks. Well, with the exception of the presention—yes, my kitchen hands couldn’t leave well enough alone and I added a brulee’d finish for a little bite of crunch.

Brulee Baked French Toast by Bakers Royale1

Hit the jump over to Better Homes and Garden’s, Delish Dish blog for my tips and tricks for the recipe to this make-ahead baked French toast .

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