Brownie and Raspberry Trifle

Can we please return our focus to Valentine’s dessert, now that football, face-stuffing snacks and 3.8M dollars commercials have passed? Let me grab your attention with this brownie trifle that easily comes together  in just 20 minutes.

Brownie & Raspberry Trifle

Look at at how pretty they are, yo. Yo? Yeah, I know, but I’m like that sometimes–inconsistent and without an editor. If you are a regular reader you’ve seen it. If you are here for the first time, warning:  I once wrote, “Place human in oven”. I don’t even remember what I meant to write, but then that’s another one of my annoyances. It’s been described by one of my friends as “Swiss cheese memory”.

Luckily my friends are gentle with their all-season pass to make fun of me. I don’t fault them.  In fact for the most part, I join them in the disbelief when we corresponding back and forth via text or Twitter’s DM.  Let’s just attribute my sometimes-indecipherable writing to massive multi-tasking fails.

As for the switch, in language style ranging from yo, hey, redonk, and all the other incongruent speak as related to my normal everyday language usage – well, just go with me. Editing and self-examination sounds like a lot of work and I don’t have time to take on another project. My apologies and thank you, everyone, for being a reader of my random thoughts and sugar spinnings because hella you can go anywhere for a better time.

In fact I’m sending you to one now. Hit the jump to Better Homes and Garden’s for the recipe.

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    I think I’m officially in love with every dessert photo of yours that I’ve seen. They’re always so beautifully composed and the desserts look so decadently delicious that I’m jealous I wasn’t the one who made them. These trifles are no exception, and I lovvve the simple combination of chocolate, cream, and raspberries.
    P.S. I totally agree that now that the Superbowl is over, we should get back to V-day desserts. And I’m also the same way where when I write posts, random words and phrases come out of my mind. I think it’s better that way though; otherwise, things get boring!



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