Blueberry Muffin Cookies

I should clarify, that’s a blueberry muffin cookie with a few raspberries. I added the raspberries for a bright shot of berry tartness that the blueberries alone could not provide. Remember awhile back when I was flipping classic desserts into cookies, eg. Cinnamon Roll Cookies, Banana Bread Cookies, Coffee Cake Cookies, Pecan Pie Cookies, Carrot Cake Cookies. I went back to that with this one. Keep reading to find out the two key ingredients to turning a classic blueberry muffin into blueberry muffin cookie.

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And no, these are not muffin tops . The crumb is softer and these Blueberry Muffin Cookies are missing the hardy dome exterior of a muffin top. But I did keep the streusel topping for a little bit of crunch and an extra added kick of sweetness. To give the body a more cake-like texture I added in some cottage cheese. Oh, yes I did. I could have used sour cream and you can too if you don’t have cottage cheese on hand, but I prefer the cottage cheese as it seems to provide more moisture and a denser crumb.

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So aside from the cottage cheese, you might be wondering what is up with the cornstarch in the cookie. The cornstarch not only provides a soft chewy element to the cookie, but it also helps to keep the dough together especially if you are using frozen blueberries since they will sweat moisture into the cookie dough while waiting between baking sheets.

A few notes:

  • Use fresh or frozen berries, the result is minimally different. But to save you from asking, I preferred using fresh berries, since more of them burst open during baking.
  • To shortcut this recipe skip the streusel topping for some chunky raw sugar. That way you can still have a crunchy textural contrast with a little less fuss – just brush the tops of the cookie dough with some heavy cream and sprinkle coarse raw sugar on top.
  • Make sure the cottage cheese is completely pureed or else you will have white chunks of cottage cheese in your cookies.

Blueberry Muffin Cookies

Makes about 3 dozen 2inch cookies | Preparation: Heat oven to 375 degrees F and line bake sheet with parchment paper.


Streusel Topping

  • 1 cup all purpose flour
  • 1 cup light brown sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 8 tablespoons of cold unsalted butter, cut into pieces

Muffin Cookie

  • 10 tablespoon of unsalted butter, melted
  • 1/2 cup granulated sugar
  • 1/2 cup dark brwon sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1/3 cup of cottage cheese, pureed
  • 1 1/2 tablespoon cornstarch
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 2 cups all purpose flour
  • 4 oz raspberries
  • 6 oz blueberries (fresh or frozen)


To make streusel

  1. Place flour, brown sugar, cinnamon and salt in a bowl and whisk to combine. Add cold butter into bowl and using a pastry blender or a fork cut butter into dry mixture until it resembles small pellets. Set aside.

To make muffin cookies

  1. Place butter in a small saucepan over medium low heat and heat until butter becomes brown and smells nutty. Remove from heat and let cool for 5 minutes.
  2. Place granulated sugar and dark brown sugar in a stand mixer bowl fitted with a whisk attachment and beat until blended. Add in melted butter and beat until combined. Add in egg and beat on medium high until mixture becomes light and opaque, about 3-4 minutes. Add in vanilla and pureed cottage cheese and beat until combined.
  3. Change whisk attachment to paddle attachment.
  4. Sift together cornstarch, baking powder, baking soda and salt, then add this mixture into wet mixture and beat until combined. Turn mixer to low and gradually add in flour and beat to combine. Add in raspberries and give mixer two to three turns to crush raspberries into the dough. Turn off mixture and fold in blueberries. Dough will be sticky.
  5. Drop two tablespoons on parchment lined bake sheet. Bake one tray at a time for 8 minutes. Remove cookie filled bake sheet and heavily sprinkle streusel on top of cookies and gently press onto cookie, about 1 tablespoon per cookie (don’t worry if it spills onto the bake sheet). Return baking sheet to oven and bake for another 4 minutes. Remove from oven and let cookies cool on bake sheet for 5 minutes before transferring to a wire rack to cool completely.

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  1. Avatar for Naomi RobinsonEmily says

    These look delicious, but unless I’m mistaken, the berries are missing from the recipe ingredients/instructions. What quantity did you add? I’m assuming you folded them in after incorporating the flour in step 4.

    Thanks for a great recipe!

    • Avatar for Naomi Robinson

      Naomi replied: — April 16th, 2012 @ 8:32 pm

      Emily- You are correct. I just updated the recipe.

  2. Avatar for Naomi Robinson says

    I think I am going to have to make these for my boyfriend! Also, thanks for the link to your banana bread cookies. I have ripe bananas on the counter and was wondering what I could make with them today! Now I know :)

  3. Avatar for Naomi Robinson says

    So creative. I love the idea of a muffin cookie. I used to lick the blueberry muffin bowl constantly as a child. Mmmm…

  4. Avatar for Naomi Robinsonbettina carraway says

    You do not mention the quantity for berries or include them in the procedure.Can you send me the entire recipe please?

    • Avatar for Naomi Robinson

      Naomi replied: — April 16th, 2012 @ 8:29 pm

      Hi Bettina- The recipe has been updated. Thanks for letting me know I was missing the quantity for the berries.

  5. Avatar for Naomi Robinsonkathy says

    I was wondering the amount of fruit that you add to the recipe. Thank You for the wonderful recipes.

    • Avatar for Naomi Robinson

      Naomi replied: — April 16th, 2012 @ 8:30 pm

      Hi Kathy- I just added it. Sorry about that!

  6. Avatar for Naomi RobinsonSara says

    I don’t see the blueberries in the recipe.

    • Avatar for Naomi Robinson

      Naomi replied: — April 16th, 2012 @ 8:31 pm

      Hi Sara-I just added the portions. Sorry about that!

  7. Avatar for Naomi RobinsonDianna says

    These look delicious! I don’t see blueberries or raspberries listed in the recipe. When (and how much) are they added?

  8. Avatar for Naomi RobinsonSally @ Spontaneous Hausfrau says

    Muffins condensed down into a cookie prove that heaven really exists. LOVE these!

  9. Avatar for Naomi Robinson says

    How beautiful – – these scream spring!! I need these in my life as soon as possible. And with double the berries, I can convince myself these are healthy – – therefore, I hear breakfast 😉 lol

  10. Avatar for Naomi Robinson says

    Love the fresh fruit in these muffin cookies! So interesting that the cottage cheese and cornstarch work so well in this recipe you developed.

  11. Avatar for Naomi RobinsonSwimmy says

    As someone who, up until 5 minutes ago, prided herself in not wasting time eating cookies that don’t have chocolate in them, I can honestly say that these are deliciously delicious. Like, heavenly delicious!
    As in, I’m going to make these for the party this weekend delicious.
    Thank you!

  12. Avatar for Naomi RobinsonCorie says

    Oh, YUMMY! Although the rest of my family is not overly fond of fresh blueberries – I think I may have to dice up some strawberries to mix in instead.

    By the way, your pictures of your creations are great. I get hungry every time I check your site out.

  13. Avatar for Naomi RobinsonRussell at Chasing Delicious says

    This is such an awesome idea! I love it … mostly because I adore cookies and am in love with blueberry muffins. Yummm

  14. Avatar for Naomi Robinson says

    umm…GENIUS ideaaa!! totally going to try this out, since i absolutely LOVE blueberry desserts AND blueberry muffins. also, i love cookies. ♥ perfect combo! thanks for sharing!

  15. Avatar for Naomi RobinsonNaomi says

    Hi Leslie- I love your results using vanilla yogurt! They look fantastic-glad you enjoyed the recipe.

  16. Avatar for Naomi RobinsonApril says

    I just made these but my streusel is kinda dry, didnt really come together in nice streusel-y chunks. Is there really a whole cup of flour in it?

  17. Avatar for Naomi RobinsonKelley says

    These sound delicious! I was wondering if I could substitute Greek yogurt for the cottage cheese. Thanks!

  18. Avatar for Naomi RobinsonKim says

    Made these last night to bring into work today…just because I felt like baking something. They were SOOOO good! Soft, moist, fruity and a little bit of crunch from the topping. Was like you cut the top off of a blueberry muffin. Everyone was raving about them and they were gone in no time! Will definitely be making these again! They’d be perfect for breakfast, dessert or a just a snack!

    • Avatar for Naomi Robinson

      Naomi Robinson replied: — July 17th, 2013 @ 2:05 pm

      Kim – I’m so glad you enjoyed them! These are one of my fav cookie creations. :)

  19. Avatar for Naomi RobinsonAndrea says

    Yum!!! I pinned this forever ago and finally made them tonight- soooo good and soooooo unique!!! Thank you so much!