Black Cherry Macarons

Black Cherry Macarons | Bakers Royale

Who else agrees with me that these macs look like little pots of make-up? They started off flat pink and red for some Valentine’s macarons, but then I glammed up a few with some shimmer and shine for added drama. For the filling, I wanted something equally dark and dramatic ...

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Orange Chicken Meatballs

Orange Chicken Meatballs via Bakers Royale copy

Check it out—orange chicken without the deep-frying. Yes, it's a thing—at least it is in my home. It's my riff on the classic orange chicken recipe by flipping it to a meatball, avoiding the deep frying and taking a few liberties with the ingredients. The flavor is all ...

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Easy Skillet Lasagna Recipe


If you are anything like me, you love lasagna but don’t love all the fuss that goes with making it. Nor do I love all the multi-pot cleaning. With that I’m condensing my standby lasagna recipe into a One Skillet Lasagna that comes together in just under an hour. To ...

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Almond Pear Cake


This year for New Year’s Eve, I’m taking a lesson from last year: keep the food light, simple and pair it with a delicious bottle of wine. This way I can avoid spending too much time in the kitchen – and I can try to stay up past midnight!  While I’m still working on ...

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Spicy Corn Bisque


It’s soup season, so let’s make this Spicy Corn Bisque and stay cozy during the holidays! If you are a regular reader here, then you know that I’m a huge fan of piling my soup with layers of toppings. For this Spicy Corn Bisque I’m piling on the French’s Crispy ...

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Holiday Cupcakes


Who is ready for the holidays? I’m almost there. The dinner menu is set—dessert will be these Vanilla Almond Cupcakes you see here. They are so fun and festive, right? The gold cups easily dress up any cupcakes, and those glittered antlers make the perfect holiday ...

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Holiday Happiness + Giveway!


The last weekend Matt the kids and I went out and did a mad rush of holiday shopping. And afterexactly, 17 minutes and 30 seconds of shopping, the little man was demanding to be fed. We went to our go to choice: The Cheesecake Factory. It’ s a place where there is ...

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Steamed Mussels


I’m all about low-fuss, easy entertaining recipes like these steamed mussels. It comes together in a matter of minutes and it can all be prepared in one pan. I used my 31/2 quart sauté pan that’s part of the KitchenAid® Tri-ply Stainless Steel Cookware 10-piece set. ...

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