Beer Floats

It’s a holiday, so we are drinking. Okay, well you guys are because I’m working and will be having one of these beer floats after work.  I’ll take mine with Guinness, but you take yours as you like, because any stout will work.

Beer, ice cream and hot fudge sauce – I know your inner child is gleefully high-fiving you with this adult spin. 

Let’s not delay this, grab your bottler opener and hit the jump to Better Homes and Garden’s Delish Dish for the recipe. And cheers to a childhood nostalgia turned adult reality. Enjoy!

As always, if I can please ask you guys–if you are going to pin either the image please do so from Delish Dish and not here, since the recipes resides over there. Thanks!


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    Awesome styling! And interesting request. That’s how I’ve always done it (pin it where the recipe is) but recently someone left a comment on a post of mine saying that they were intentionally pinning the image from my teaser post because she felt like I deserved the credit (not that I wasn’t getting credit from the other page). I felt honored that she’d even think about that and now that I think about it, I kind of agree with her.


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    What a perfect way to celebrate the holiday. And gorgeous photos, as always!

    And I personally would pin from your site, not theirs. You may as well get the clicks first; you created it, it’s yours. They are just hosting it for you :) And people who really want it will get there anyway. But I will do as you wish!


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    I really really would like one of these right now. They look amazing. And! seriously! Your photos are so incredible. I love seeing them all over Pinterest.


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