Baking Basics:Cupcake Decorating Part I

Today’s post is from one of Diane of Created by Diane.  Diane and I met a year ago and I consider her friend and a very talented blogger, so I’m excited and honored to have her guest posting. She’s here to share with us her tips and tricks to decorating cupcakes with one my favorite tips, Wilton’s 2D.  If you’ve been to her site, then you know she can wield some decorating magic with this tip. If not, head over after you are done here not only to see her beautiful cupcake creations, but all her delicious sweets and mouth watering savory dishes.

. . . And, look how sweet she is, she even used my favorite color orange.

I’m thrilled that Naomi asked me to guest post today. I’ve been drooling over Naomi’s blog for sometime now. Did you know she and I have actually met. She is not only extremely talented but one of the sweetest most sincere people I’ve ever met. My blog is filled with sweet treats and savory eats. Today I’ll be sharing with you some cupcake decorating.

Created by Diane Blog Cupcakes1 530x3531

My favorite decorating tip is the 2 d tip. I love creating roses with them, but have found it is my go to decorating tip. I love how the there aren’t to many lines in the frosting. This tip creates a smooth flowing look.

Created by Diane Rose Cupcake How to decorate cupcakes 530x353

Typical cupcakes start with the frosting on the outside edge. For the rose cupcakes you begin in the center of the cupcake and swirl the frosting around covering the cupcake to the outer edge. Here is my video on how to frost a rose cupcake.

ruffle swirled cupcake frosting how to video 530x353

I love frosting that has that ruffled edge to it. For this begin on the edge and put more pressure on the piping bag so that the frosting almost piles up and creates a ribbon effect. Here is my video on how to pipe ruffled edge frosting.

no coupler neeeded with larger decorating tip frosting pastry bag 2D tip 530x353You won’t need a coupler with the tip, larger decorating tips don’t require a coupler. I love disposable decorating bags they make for easy clean up.

pumpkin piped onto cupcake with 2D tip Easy Halloween Cupcake Easy Thanksgiving cupcake 530x353To pipe a pumpkin apply three lines of frosting one on each outer edge from top to bottom and one down the middle, then apply two additional lines in between the first three lines and add some green frosting with a leaf tip.

two tone frosting on a rose cupcake orange and yellow frosting 530x353Two tone cupcakes are fun, just add the first color to the piping bag along one side then with a thin spatula slide the second color in from tip to end.

two tone cupcakes decorating How to Created by Diane 530x353

Although all these cupcakes have really bright colors you may be happy to know my favorite cupcakes are these…

coconut frosting 530x353Simple and sweet!

I use this Buttercream Recipe.

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  1. Avatar for Naomi Robinson says

    Thanks for making the videos…’s always easier to actually see it done! You just took all the mystery out of it, and now I think I can re-create them……THANKS!

  2. Avatar for Naomi RobinsonL. D. Pegram Boyle says

    I’m always looking for something different. My grandaughter loves to bake cupcakes. Very good tips.

  3. Avatar for Naomi RobinsonLisa says

    Thanks for the videos! I’ve been working on decorating vegan cupcakes and these are very helpful. :)