Prosciutto Wrapped Melons

Summer is finally here, the kids are out of school, and even the sports and all the other extra-curricular activities for the kids have slowed down. The frenetic pace of life is taking a break for the next couple of months.

Prosciutto Wrapped Melons with Bakers Royale

With that, let’s raise a glass to some free time. Seriously, free time is such a commodity in my circle of friends and family. It’s rare that we can actually all get together to relax and leisurely enjoy sips and bites without the kids tugging on us, and calendar reminders going off.



That said, you can see why I’m enthusiastically participating in the Chateau Ste. Michelle  #atoastto and #toastcontest campaign. It’s a fun and interactive way for us to take a breath and reward ourselves with a fun, affirming way to celebrate the little things.

Prosciutto Wrapped Melons by Bakers Royale

For me I’m going to raise my Chateau Ste. Michelle Chardonnay and give   #atoasttoblowdryingmyhair. That’s right, my poor hair has suffered a too-long run of bad hair days. Up until that last school bell rang at 2:35 this last June 22, blow-drying my hair was a luxury equated with time.

Prosciutto Wrapped Melons from Bakers Royale

Now you see what I mean about having fun with Chateau Ste. Michelle? Let’s do this together, because I know you all have your little victories of winning moments, big and small. It’s a way for us to share the good things in life together.

Prosciutto Wrapped Melons via Bakers Royale


And here’s where it gets even better, go to to create one of your toasts and you’ll be entered for a chance to win a trip to the Chateau Ste. Michelle summer concert series.


Now for the food, I’ll be serving this simple appetizer of melon wrapped prosciutto along with a few other finger foods at my next barbecue. The appetizer is simple, crisp—perfect for summer, but most importantly, it can be eaten while holding my glass of Chateau Ste. Michelle Chardonnay in the other hand—and of course with my blow-dried and perfectly styled hair!

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  1. Avatar for Naomi RobinsonThalia @ butter and brioche says

    what an interesting flavour combination.. definitely something i need to try. never thought melon and prosciutto would go so well together. love it!

  2. Avatar for Naomi RobinsonDanae @ Recipe Runner says

    Melon and prosciutto are such a wonderful combination, the perfect amount of salty and sweet. These would make the perfect appetizer to serve with wine at a summer happy hour!

  3. Avatar for Naomi RobinsonPaula says

    Your pictures are amazing, Naomi!!! And, I need to get involved in this campaign! Wine? heck, yeah!

  4. Avatar for Naomi RobinsonBrian says

    Melon and Prosciutto is a great flavor combo. But I’m still trying to figure out how to wrap melon around a slice of Prosciutto. Maybe with just enough Chateau Ste. Michelle I’ll be able to figure it out. Like the plaque on my wall says, “I love to cook with wine. Sometimes I even put it in the food.” Thanks for sharing.

  5. Avatar for Naomi RobinsonBrian @ A Thought For Food says

    I was tempted to write “Nice melons!” But then I stopped myself. Oh, I guess I didn’t.