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S'mores Cookies on a Stick | Bakers Royale

S’mores Cookies on a Stick

S’Mores Cookies on a Stick – how cute and fun are these? My little guys loved these and loved making them for our latest HERSHEY’S #HelloHappy Moment(s). As many of you know, I’ve partnered up with HERSHEY’S to share a few #HelloHappy Moment(s). Moments like the pudding parfaits from here and the sheet cake here….

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Morning Coffee | Bakers Royale

Vanilla Frappe Macarons

Let’s see mornings in a new light with Nespresso VertuoLine Breakfast Coffees, Solelio and Giornio and some breakfast cookies. A-yup. Breakfast cookies by way of French Toast Macarons and Vanilla Frappe Macarons.

Chinese Salad Spring Rolls | Bakers Royale

Chinese Salad Spring Rolls

Ok, so I have a thing for salad. Wrap it up spring-roll style like this and I’m probably going to have more salad than if I had to “fork” it. That is because, it gives me a free hand to multi-task with out much delay. That sadly, is how a lot of lunches are consumed. But this…

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Black Forest Eton Mess || Bakers Royale

Black Forest Eton Mess

Get ready to for some messy goodness with this. I say “this” because I started out with the intention to make this a straight up Black Forest Eton Mess, then per my usual heavy hand, I pumped it up with some crumbled brownies and chopped chocolate almonds. It’s a little out of control for an…

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Ultimate Veggie Sandwich | Bakers Royale

Ultimate Veggie Sandwich

Can we just talk about this power veggie sandwich? It’s a sweet and savory sandwich full of so many good things like a slathering of roasted red pepper spread, butter leaf lettuce, red cabbage, grilled tempeh, radishes, strawberries, watercress and beets, all this sandwiched between eureka!® Organic Seeds the Day Bread. It’s light, it’s filing and it’s totally addicting!…

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